Spring 2014 Top 5 Anime Opening Themes

0-gate top 5 OP

We are more than halfway through the season, and it is definitely time for us to take a look at the Top 5 Opening Themes of this Spring 2014 Season. We had so many good and great openings this season that it turned out to be really difficult to fit only 5 and to decide which ones were the best opening. The competition was ferocious and do not take it personally if your favourite opening isn’t on there; just assume it was the next one on the list (it really wasn’t though – you have terrible taste).

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Top 5 Summer 2013 Anime Ending Theme

We are running a bit late for it, but it is finally time for the Summer 2013 Top 5 Best Ending ! In this top 5 we will feature the best the season had to offer in term of quality ending theme and while the ending are never as exciting as the openings, we had some really good competition this time around and the featured top 5 are worthy of being seen by everyone. Without further due, let us jump into that list.

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Dantalian No Shoka episode 10: Mechanized Artist

Huey and Dalian meet an odd lady who plays the violin like no other and the sound of her work makes everyone around her happy. But the song she plays turn out to be a phantom score.

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