October Update: Anime Fall Season

Long time since this main page as been updated, unfortunately things have slowed down a bit on the website as new projects are on hold. We will probably recruit some more people soon enough to fill up our rank and get some new bloods in. If it interests you keep updated in the next two months.



A lot of things are halfway done, but this section has been delayed because of lack of staff.




The Fall 2013 Season of anime is now well underway, we gave a first impression of every new show and you can check them out here.

Otherwise you can click on a picture below to see the latest episode review of the show we are covering this season.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel fog shipInfinite Stratos 2 killingKyoukai no Kanata twitter jokesnagi no asukara manaka prettyOutbreak Company reading outloudStrike the Blood super powerValvrave the Liberator yaoi bite


Everything is on hold currently on Technology section too. We will be looking into more writers to fill out the void. Nothing new will be here in the next month, Sorry.