Recommendations: Lengthy Anime

“What should I watch now?” Thus is the question we, as anime fans, will ever wonder, for ever and ever. With an endless list of shows available for us to watch, it is sometimes complicated to filter out which ones are good and which ones would be better off disappearing into a deep abyss. This column serves exactly this purpose; in whichever category appears from one week to the next, the best shows will be picked out, leaving you with a good amount – enough to watch anime for entire days without pondering over the incessant question that attacks all anime fans.

Recommendations pic 2

This time around, we bring you to the world of time-wasting! For all of you people out there who believe they have much time to waste watching some darn good anime, this theme is for you. For rating purposes, I’ve decided to go with any anime more than 4 seasons long, implying anything that is 52 episodes or more, all seasons (but not OVAs) included. Before you start watching one of those, it is always better to at least know what kind of anime it is, why it should be good and if it actually worth wasting countless hours over it. I hope this post can help you out with it – and have fun watching!

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