Recommendations: Upcoming Summer Anime 2014

It is just about this time of the Season! All ongoing anime are about to end, and another season is about to start. Thus, I have compiled here a few anime which should prove to be interesting; whether they are bad or good, they definitely have the potential to become big, and a lot of people are looking forward to them. As a special edition of the Recommendations column, here are 5 Summer Anime to look forward to in 2014, and why they deserve the hype that they have at the moment.

P.S.: No second seasons were included. Since people usually know already if they liked the first season enough to watch the second one, there isn’t really any point in “recommending” any of them…

Recommendations pic 2

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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi episode 1: [First Impression]

Taito is having some strange dream lately of a mysterious young girl that curses him. The curse condemn Taito to forever love her, in life and death. But suddenly, this strange dream seems to turn into something more than a simple dream.

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