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Hello everyone,

We are in need of writers! This post is for anyone who would be interested in applying in any of our three categories: gaming, anime or technology. No experience required.

We are looking for people who:

– Are ready to post at least once a week
– Are committed
– Can post on time
– Have decent writing skills in English

There is no deadline to apply, however you have until December 5, 2013 to do so if you wish to make it for the Winter 2014 Anime Season.

If you think you could fulfill these requirements and would be interested in applying, please follow the instructions on this page.

For more information on our blog in general, click here.

We are recruiting !

We are currently looking for new bloggers in any section (anime, gaming or technology). If you are interested in blogging, might you be experienced or a newcomer, you are welcomed to send in an application. For more information about applications, please visit our application page here.



We have our very first post in the gaming category! Unfortunately, he might stay lonely for a little while until we find a decent game blogger. Halo 4 came out a little while ago and a lot of people were afraid of the result considering the game is now developed by 343 industries instead of Bungie. Click the picture to read the review.



Click here to look at  Fall 2012 Anime Top 5 Opening Themes, Please read it and comment what YOUR favorite openings of the season are !

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Get your weekly dose of Internet Security with Niwatix insightful post. Anonymous, Cosmo and malware are discussed in those three posts.