April Update : Spring Anime Season is here!

We have been quite busy in the last few weeks with the new anime season beginning and now it is well time that we update our front page with what we will cover this season.



All of our writers are University students, therefore new content has been rather slow in the past few weeks. Still, we have some new interesting articles that might interest you.

Metroid Prime – Metroid’s Leap To The Third Dimension: A Masterpiece & Breakthrough of Innovation?


We have begun a new Anime season, but before we head into what’s new, you can visit our Winter 2014 Overview here!

Wondering what to watch this season? You can visit our First Impression page to look at all the new shows that began this season.

Otherwise, you can click on a picture below to see the latest episode reviews of the shows we are covering this season.

Bokura wa Minna KawaisouBreak Blade TVHitsugi no Chaikakamigami no asobiNo Game No LifeRyuugajou Nanana no MaizoukinSidonia no Kishi


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