Hellsing Ultimate Episode 10 [Final]: The End

hellsing 10 alucardHere it is! After 7 long years, we have finally come to the conclusion of this OVA series. The conclusion of the series wasn’t as bloody awesome as I expected it to be, but even so it’s worth being in my top 3. It’s bloody, it’s scary, it’s unorthodox, and it’s downright awesome. I shall review the episode objectively as well as I can, and hope to share some of the rest of the viewers’ feelings.

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Hellsing Ultimate Episode 9 OVA: Alucard vs. Walter

It’s war, let’s fight, let’s rip each others’ guts out~~~ Oh Hellsing, how I missed you 🙂

Warning: Contains gore

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Hellsing Ultimate Episode 7: Seras, you own.

This week starts off as the spotlight shines yet on another character than Alucard, this time we learn a little bit more of the background story of Bernadotte, the mercenary captain currently working under Integra. I won’t go into details, but basically kid-Bernadotte states that he’s being bullied at school for being born in a family of mercenaries, and his grandpa turns around and says “It’s normal to be bullied, we really are horrible people.” Thanks. That’s very kind of you, I appreciate your concern /sarcasm.

Yep, telling a kid his family's a worthless piece of shit isn't the best of ideas.

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