Winter 2013 Overview


The Winter 2013 season was an atrocious one; there was barely anything worth watching. I mean, it was to be expected; Winter and Summer are always the two seasons that suck the most in the year, but usually there is at least one thing new and unexpected that shatters the expectations and the minds of all. Nothing of that happened this season though; the only shows that came out that were worth a damn were sequels.  At least we were fortunate enough to have had a great Fall 2012 season that gave us the second half of many 25-episode shows. Psycho-Pass and Shinsekai Yori were by far the best shows of the season, the two of them making their way into my personal category of “Shows of the Decade”; usually, only 2 or 3 shows each year makes it in this category, and this time we had two of them play at the same time.

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Shinsekai Yori Overall Review

shinsekai yori old saki

Shinsekai Yori was by far the best thing to come out last year. The show was a pure seinen and lived-up to my expectation in every single ways. I’m glad I decided to follow this confusing story and now it is time to see how well the show fared in every aspect.

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Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Ending Themes

It is time for our Seasonal Top 5 Anime Ending Theme! Here, we have looked at all the endings of the season and selected the best of the best. We then compiled them into this Top 5 for everyone to admire.

I was absolutely stomped this season to see that the best endings of the season were actually far better than most openings we saw this season. Most anime in this top 5 even manage to have multiple endings for their season.  Now let’s head right into this top 5 and see what wonders this season had in store for us.

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Top 5 Anime Opening Winter 2013

We are reaching the middle of the Winter 2013 Season! It is time to look at all the best anime openings of the season and to compile them into this Top 5.

This season was a lot weaker than the last in terms of both anime quality and in the openings themselves. The competition was not nearly as intense as last season, and I dare say that the last few positions of our top 5 would not usually deserve a spot in a top 5; they just got lucky this season. After lowering our criteria, we still managed to complete the Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Opening, and here it is.

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