August Update

We are a bit overdue for an update on the front page, unfortunately summer is a period of the year where the sun is bright, the weather is warm and my free time is none. For those reason there was some (a lot) of slacking off going on and I’m sorry about it, we should go back to being 100% operational and on time during the middle of September. There are many new project along the horizon and it pushed back some of the regular stuff a bit.

With that said, let’s take a look at what is new with our different sections.


Soon (hopefully).




We are now well into the summer and we covered every single first episode of this new season, check them out here. You can also look at our weekly summer coverage by clicking the icons right below.

Shingeki no Kyojin ErenHigh School DxD NEW rias underwearKamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi AiDanganronpa king monobearworld god keima


Niwatix is back from vacation and here are some of the new post in the realm of technology and especially hacking. A lot of new things have been hacked lately and you can read more about them below.

Sci-Fi of Today is on hiatus until the end of summer and will continue once again starting September 25th. You can still read previous post on the link below.

Sci-Fi of Today : Invisibility Cloak Part 1


June Update

We are already reaching the end of June and we have many news things coming to the website. The first thing I want to present is our new banner. It has been well over 6 months that the old banner was at the top of every single page you visited, and I was starting to feel like we were ready for a change in scenery.

0-Gate Banner 3

A few (really few) of you might have already seen it, as it was our new Facebook banner for the past month already. This topic brings me to the next major change to 0-Gate: our Facebook page has received an overhaul and you will now receive links to our post as soon as they come out if you follow us on Facebook. So if you want to stay updated with everything just click that like button on the right sidebar!

In terms of content and category, this update is 90% about Anime, but do not worry, Gaming and Technology are sure to receive some attention as well in the months to come.


There is nothing new in the gaming category, but don’t lose out hope; in the coming month, ZeroGhj and Niwatix will start something new in this category that hopefully will surprise and, most importantly, interest you. For now, just pretend Gaming doesn’t really exist.



We are nearing the end of the Spring 2013 season and, as such, you can see our Top 5 Anime Ending Themes where we feature the best ending themes of this season’s anime.

If you still have free time after that, you can also read our weekly coverage by selecting thumbnails of shows of your choice below.

Aku no Hana honest facial expressionHataraku Maou-sama! crying herooreimo kirino smileShingeki no Kyojin ErenSuisei no Gargantia srsbsnss mode onValvrave the Liberator zombie haruto


Niwatix was away pretty much the whole month so the only real news that came out is this post about the Liberty Reserve and money laundering on the internet – it is an interesting read.

A new addition to the Technology section is the Sci-Fi of Today segment. In this section science fiction like technology are explored and explained in details. The first series is on the Invisibility Cloak. You can start reading it right away; every week, a new segment will be released until the series is over.

Sci-Fi of Today : Invisibility Cloak Part 1


March Break Update

It has been a while since the last home page update once again, mostly due to a severe cause of laziness. Yet, even though the home page wasn’t updated in a long while it isn’t because there was lack of new content; let it be broken down here for you.



Nothing new yet, but stay tuned for a Sim City review in the upcoming weeks.



We are past the midway point in the season and you can now see both Top 5’s for it.

Winter 2013 Anime Top 5 Best Opening ThemeBest Ending Theme

Meanwhile, you can still click on the icons below for our usual weekly  coverage, as well as check out the new shows incorporated from this new season.


Shinsekai YoriAmnesiaChihayafuru Season 2Mondaijitachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yoKotoura-sanMaoyuu Maou YuushaBoku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT


Time to get some of the latest information with our technology segment. Since the last update, you can now see stories about the Kali Linux distribution and how both the Federal Reserve and Apple were recently hacked. Click the icons below to fill your mind with scary information.

Backtrack Reborn – Kali LinuxFederal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leakApple hacked

We are recruiting !

We are currently looking for new bloggers in any section (anime, gaming or technology). If you are interested in blogging, might you be experienced or a newcomer, you are welcomed to send in an application. For more information about applications, please visit our application page here.



We have our very first post in the gaming category! Unfortunately, he might stay lonely for a little while until we find a decent game blogger. Halo 4 came out a little while ago and a lot of people were afraid of the result considering the game is now developed by 343 industries instead of Bungie. Click the picture to read the review.



Click here to look at  Fall 2012 Anime Top 5 Opening Themes, Please read it and comment what YOUR favorite openings of the season are !

Check out our weekly Anime coverage by clicking the thumbnail of your favorite show down below.

Shinsekai YoriSword Art OnlineBTOOOM!



Get your weekly dose of Internet Security with Niwatix insightful post. Anonymous, Cosmo and malware are discussed in those three posts.



Long Needed Update

It has been a while since we updated the front page, so let’s do just that. The last 3 weeks have been extremely busy in the life of our bloggers as it seems we all had lots of things to do at precisely the same time. Unfortunately this means that the gaming section still doesn’t have anything to offer…my bad.


You can check out our weekly covered anime review by clicking the thumbnail of your choice (Hint: The name of the show will show up when you hover over the pictures). This should be a little less ugly than just regular links and we will most likely use this form of display in the future too.

Check out the review of Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, it is a show involving a war between Sega and Nintendo, if you enjoy video games and nostalgia, you will love it.

Shinsekai YoriSword Art OnlineBTOOOM!


Click the story down below to feel knowledgeable and updated about the fantastic world of technologies. We have two stories, One involves Apple lawsuit issues with their costumers and the other will make you discover Titan, one of the two fastest Supercomputer in the world !


Apple in Big Trouble

Titan the Supercomputer


 ZeroGhj signing off

New season begins

It has been a little over a week since the last update, we are overdue. Let us go straight to the point


The Fall 2012 anime season has begun, you can take a look at the first impression of all the new shows right here:

Shinsekai Yori [First Impression] episode 1: You are a Wizard Harry

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 1 [First impression]: he’s a drop out, a fighter, a wimp and… a brainiac?

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai [First Impression] episode 1: Vanish into the embraces of dark flames

Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 1 [first impression]: a new God

Zetsuen no Tempest [first impression] episode 1: suddenly butterflies

K [first impression] episode 1: cute little Yashiro

BTOOOM! [First Impression] episode 1: Decapitation time

Busou Shinki [First Impression] episode 1: What the hell is this shit?

Since last week we also had the last episode of Kokoro Connect, another great week of Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online episode 13: From fishing to death

Kokoro Connect episode 13 [Final]: Communication and Friends

but most of all, the first OVA of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled is out:

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled [First Impression] Episode 1: so it begins

We still have more shows coming this weekend, but those will most likely be reviewed late, since I usually don’t work much on weekends.



Unfortunately, we were so busy with anime this week that we still have yet to see our first post in the Gaming category, but this section should see its debut in the weeks to come.


2 new post have been added to our technology section, read up more about politics and wines, which ever has the least bitter taste for you.

Amazon the vintner

Twitter dedicated presidential debate page


The beginning of this new season is promising and you can be sure to find first impressions for most shows right here on 0-gate.


ZeroGhj signing off