Tamako Market episode 1: all hail Deru the magnificent!

tamako bird


Tamako is the daughter of a mochi maker whose shop has been going on for generations. Across the street lives the store’s closest competitor, who has a son the same age as Tamako who seems to like her very much.

such a cutie pie ^.^

such a cutie pie ^.^

One day, Tamako finds a bird, and upon accidentally sneezing on him, the bird starts talking and states that this is a declaration of love. He therefore tags along for everything she does, and although his duty as a royal bird is to find a bride for the prince, he stays with Tamako in order to enjoy the magnificent mochi that her family makes.


What the heck did I just watch? O.o

Honestly, whatever that bird will do in the future, he’s amazing. His manners are the funniest thing ever, he got uber fat in a few days, and his eyes can become projectors. This episode was all about his introduction, and honestly, I laughed my head off. I’m not even sure what this show is about yet, and I don’t care. This is hilarious. Also, he really really sounds like Brook from One Piece, and I freakin’ love Brook. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the voice actor for him, so I can’t be sure about it, but I’m pretty sure it’s him! tamako bye bye

Along with the comedy, I can see some romance springing up already, as Mochizou definitely has feelings for Tamako. However, right now I don’t think he’ll be a very big focus in the story, and I have a feeling that this show will focus a lot more on the friendship and the fun times rather than the romance. I say this because Mochizou barely shows up in the opening, however we saw him quite frequently in this episode, so I wonder what will happen with him.

I also wonder what we will be able to get in terms of plot so far. Right now, it seems like the bird won’t just be there for kicks and might be the one who starts off everything, as the one who has to bring back a bride for the prince. The way things are going, he’s going to leave with Tamako and that’s where the story will start off… I have no idea. I just hope that the producers will find something consistent to keep this show going, because it’s hilarious. tamako choking

Will I watch this? Definitely. I still don’t know if I’ll blog it though, that will depend on the amount of time I have and the other shows that come out this season. I would definitely recommend it though, if only for the jokes and the bird. Honestly, this bird beats every cute little thing that I’ve seen follow a character around. Except maybe Kyubey… But I’d never want that thing around me EVER.

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