Tari Tari Episode 6: Guilt Trip


I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how freakin’ FAT this cat is. Seriously, I’m surprised it’s even alive. Oh, and I should probably mention how much I hate fat cats too, but that’s just me.

Sakai caught a cold! After looking for her fat cat outside in the rain for so long, I can’t say I’m surprised. At school, Konatsu is worried that it may not be a cold, but rather a big depression phase, and so she decides to go visit Sakai’s place with a smile and a little nervousness.

Once she gets there, Sakai opens up her heart, talking about her mom and her unfulfilled promise, which Konatsu replies with “unfulfilled promises are the best!”. After this and a small visit to Sawa’s place where she goes horseback riding, Sakai gets cheered up and even goes so far as to tell the boys a singing exercise, showing them an example.

How can someone be so adorable and yet so sad? D:

After going home, she has a talk with her dad where she learns the reason why her mom was hiding her illness, which causes her to feel extremely guilty and to regret throwing everything away about her. Her dad then cheers her up, giving her notes of a song from her mother as well as telling her that he didn’t get rid of the piano or anything she had the intention of thrashing away. In the end, her tears all flow out, and she moves on as she listens to her mom’s singing through the tape given by Sawa’s mother.



So many emotions *sniff*

And so, Sakai has finally moved on. You can say she definitely went through every phase, that’s for sure… From the denial, to the guilt, to the sadness, and finally to a calm state where she can finally continue happily with her life. Seems like this girl was independent form start to finish! Trying not to bother anyone, she just kept everything to herself, and that’s probably the reason why it took her so long to move on. She always considered everything to be her fault, and in the end it was her friends and family who forced her open, causing all the emotions to finally flow out.

The guilt trip she went through was probably one of the harshest I’ve seen. It’s probably considered normal for close members of a victim, but still really rough. Sakai blamed herself for not accomplishing her promise, and when she figured out why her mom didn’t want her to rush the song before her death, she only regretted having ever felt guilty, piling on the guilt. It’s only normal that she couldn’t bear it by the end… At least, now it looks like she is much more happy overall, and she’ll start singing again, something which I’m sure she loves from the bottom of her heart.

As for her mother, she got the honour of making me weep for the first time in this show. I was also kinda curious why she didn’t try and complete the song before her death, however her explanation was beautiful, and only showed her love of music and happiness even more. So kind, so mature, Sakai’s mother was someone to admire, as well as being beautiful and energetic. Who wouldn’t love her?

Moving on, what’s with the guys this time? Honestly, Wien needs to get himself a head, and he needs to learn how to use it. I felt bad for Taichi, having to go through all these retarded singing exercises. Good thing Sakai saved him from that… Also, I give great props to Sawa and Konatsu, who managed to cheer up Sakai pretty well in the end. Konatsu had naive but wise words coming out of her mouth, while Sawa had the great idea to try and make her friend forget about her thoughts and get her to do something else, like horseback riding. Having someone depressed only have more depressing thoughts is the worse thing one can do, and I’m glad she helped her get out of that.

And I’m glad she showed us this amazingly beautiful background ^.^

In the end, this concludes Sakai’s arc, and from the next preview, it seems to me like next time will involve Sawa and her love of horseback riding. Also, did I catch some romance vibes? Or, maybe that’s just me. I hope not. Anyways, see you next week!~



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