Teekyuu [First Impression] episode 1: That was fast

This show is short, like really short. It is two minutes if you count the 30 seconds Opening. Beside how short it is. It is fast. The show is really fast.

No kidding, I think I would get a headache if the show was to be any more than a minute and a half, they speak so fast and the picture are changing so frequently that I feel like I’m watching a bad AMV. Besides that, the animation is absolutely terrible, it is closer to an animated slide show than a real animation to begin with.

I don’t even remember who the two characters were, their name and age appeared so fast that I barely had time to even notice they were displayed. Every single introduction or piece of information was shot at us from an automatic weapon. I think I’m actually bleeding from all the information they shot at me in just about 5 seconds. I don’t really care much for short anime, and this one is even worse in my book. I cannot say I like sport anime much…to be honest, I hate them. This makes this show really difficult for me to enjoy, add to it the fact that the show goes by so fast and they speak and act so rapidly that I can hardly realize the frame as even changed. Yes the show was actually funny, but it was ugly and way too crammed for me to enjoy it one bit.

If you like short and funny shows, you might very well enjoy Teekyuu, but otherwise I don’t recommend watching it, there won’t ever be an interesting story it is only a small comedy that you won’t even remember 30 minutes after watching it. I won’t be watching this show, even if it only takes 2 minutes to do so.

ZeroGhj signing off

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