Terra Formars episode 2: I’d rather read the manga

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This anime does one thing extremely well, it makes me want to read the manga of Terra Formars. The premise of the show is awesome, I really want to know about the story and see everything that will happen in this universe. As a second incentive to read the manga, the anime is really bad and doesn’t make me want to watch it at all despite the good material it is based on. There are a lot of flaws with this anime which makes the experience really unenjoyable and I’ll try to list some of the major ones today.

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The most important of them all is the atmosphere of the show which just doesn’t translate well and doesn’t seem to fit what this show is about. The atmosphere of the show is really light and cheap, which doesn’t reflect the emotional trauma and seriousness of the situation the characters are high, nor does it reflects the quality of the universe the show takes part in. Another thing which doesn’t help the atmosphere is the lack of a proper soundtrack. The soundtrack and sound effects in this show is half inexistant and half bad right now. For example during the scene where the representative of the U-NASA was talking in the bar, for about half the scene there was no music or background sound what so ever. All you could hear was the two characters talking on and off. Worse, even when a soundtrack started playing, the “soundtrack” consisted of 3 notes being repeated over and over. It just  makes the scenes feel dry and cheap, it doesn’t make watching the show interesting.

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Another major element in making this show awful is the censoring. If your show is too mature for the network, maybe that network shouldn’t be airing the show in the first place. When I am watching an anime, I am prepared to see what ever it is going to show, I don’t want freaking black bar of death all over the screen that makes it impossible to enjoy the action. The only portion of the episode which was supposed to be intense and action-packed was covered with a huge black bar which prevented us from seeing ANYTHING! about 3/4 of the screen was covered with blackness. The previous problem of a bad sound design is even more apparent when there is nothing but blackness on the screen. Now with only the sound to listen to you can realize how unimmersive the sound actually is.

Finally, the last major flaw in the show so far is the bad direction that makes it very difficult to even understand the characters and their motivation. I know who loves who, but I don’t even remember the name of a single character. I know their faces, but I can’t differentiate their personality or understand why they went to that mission in the first place. Even the conversation between the characters were really rough and felt really disjoint from what the show seemed to be about.

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I have a lot of trouble liking this anime, but at the same time the story and the universe are so interesting that I don’t want to give up on this just yet. I’ll continue blogging this for now, especially since it is one of the only fall season show available so far, but I might drop this at any point if it doesn’t get any better.

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