Terra Formars episode 3 [Drop]: Censorship killed the show

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It will have taken 3 episodes, but I’ve finally made my mind about Terra Formars. First I want to specify that I actually found the sound effect and soundtrack to be much better in this episode, compared to last episode from a sound perspective the anime was well done. Unfortunately there is still one major issue that just completely turns me off from continuing Terra Formars and it is the censorship. With a show that his relying so much on gore and violence shock value to create horror and a drama, it really destroy everything when that very content is straight up excluded from the episodes. It is simply infuriating to have so much censorship, if I wanted to see a black screen I could just turn my screen off, I really don’t need an anime that does it for me.

Terra Formars is a really fun anime when it comes to its story though, I am actually getting quite excited about everything that is going on. The impossible mission of surviving 40 days in an hostile environment while still completing key objectives. I still feel like the character development in Terra Formars could use some work, but at the end of the day the feeling of horror and creepiness from the cockroaches is so well done that it is easy to overlook how bland and uninteresting the characters are. Either way they will probably all be dead by the end of one or two more episodes, so what does it matter really if the characters aren’t perfect.

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I actually really want to get the whole story here, unfortunately the anime as it stands is not one I find acceptable. The censorship is just way too annoying and makes it impossible for me to watch an episode without screaming hateful word at my screen each time half of it turns to black because someone just lost an arm. At this point I really have only two options to be able to continue watching the show as it is with all the censorship. Either 1. I stop watching it and therefore stop bitching about it, or 2. I just assume that every time there is a black censorship bar it is to hide a GIANT cockroach cock that is cutting people in half. Option 2 would make the censorship funny enough to be tolerable, but I will probably still go with option 1 instead.

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I won’t be blogging Terra Formars in the future, nor will I continue watching it as it is airing, I will either start reading the manga for the story (unlikely since manga are a drug I am trying to avoid) or I will wait for the Blu-Ray and watch it all uncensored (much more likely). I would recommend for everyone to follow a similar path. I realize that my voice probably won’t be heard, especially since it is all the way on the other side of the pacific, but maybe if people stop watching and accepting for anime to be censored, the Japanese Networks will find a comprise that would be more acceptable than what is currently used in censoring the animes. Or maybe the anime industry will stop trying to make R-rated manga into G-rated crap for family networks. A man can always dream can he?

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