Terra Formars episode 1 [First Impression]: Fighting Giant Cockroaches on Mars

Terra Formars eaten up by a bear

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  I won’t lie, the premise for Terra Formars is difficult to take seriously. A fight between humans and human-cockroach on mars? Am I really going to watch and take seriously a show where fighting cockroach on mars is what things are all about? Sadly, the answer will probably be yes. As ridiculous as the premise sound, the show actually looks really cool. The atmosphere of cruel reality and impending death was really strong in the show. Even if it was only the first episode, I actually felt really sad when Akari learned of the death of his childhood friend, even without knowing much of anything about the show yet they were already able to reach me emotionally and that’s a really good sign.

Terra Formars crying tears

I do have many criticism about the show so far though. Just like any gory anime, it annoys the hell out of me when I have giant black and white bars covering 3/4 of the screen which makes it impossible for me to understand what the hell is even going on. During the fight scene against the bear I could have as well closed my eyes or left the room and I would have understood just as well what the noise I was hearing were all about. Was Akari killing the bear, was he playing table tennis with it or fucking it, I will never know. Meanwhile, the actual art style for the show is really grim and good looking, but at the same time it makes me feel like everything is a bit fake. Everything looks a bit too rigid, the faces of the characters looks frozen in time. It also doesn’t help that from what we were able to witness so far, the animation in this show is quite mechanical. I felt like half the time I was either watching a slideshow or a robot was moving the characters. Definitively didn’t do for great action scenes, especially since half the screen was occupied with robotic movement and the other half was a black censor bar.

Terra Formars fighting a bear

Despite my criticism towards the show, it still looks like a damn entertaining watch so far. Episode 2 will be a deciding factor for me, if I commit myself to watching more or not. The story is ridiculous, but the drama and horror looks fantastic, so if the show can convince me that it won’t turn into a giant joke and will use this setting to create a hard and grim story, I’ll be right on board with it. I will be making a review of the second episode and it is probably where I will decide if I will cover this show in the long term or not.

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