The World Only God Knows II Episode 11: Idealistic People Own :)

It is time for the slightly depressed Jun to go watch A WRESTLING MATCH!!!

Since Keima a.k.a. Mr. Stalker knows everything, he knows right away that she is there, goes out to follow her and takes her spot in order to create an “event” you’re still a stalker. Don’t cover it up. He then decides to take off his glasses and to become Keima the gentleman, making Jun sit on her and breaking the untold rule that “a student and a teacher shouldn’t be so close” Tss tss tss, Keima, you’re such a naughty boy.

Then, the MATCH BEGINS!!!!!

I can see a slight difference in enthusiasm here...

As the game goes on, I think Jun’s ideals and what she does are once again very very very different as she “doesn’t want to be that close to Keima for ethical reasons”.

Yeah, not too close, I can see that.

ANYWAYS. In the end, there’s a dramatic fight scene where Keima is ditched on the spot, then he can “see the ending” and the next day, Jun is once again thrown into an argument with the students and ends up leaving the class. Everyone talks badly about her, then Keima turns around and puts them back in their place  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!. He then leaves too and joins Nagase, and after a talk with her where there’s the traditional “depressed argument where the girl just yells because she feels useless”, Keima tells her what she should do, gives her hope and HE KISS- Oh wait. The class comes in, apologizes and EVERYONE IS HAPPEH! Where the hell’s my kiss? 🙁.

When it’s finally Jun’s last day, she leaves and says goodbye to everyone else, and Keima, who wasn’t in class, waits for her outside of school and  has a talk with her. In the end, Jun is the one who kisses him 😀 there’s my kiss and the loose soul comes out.



Such an awesome arc. Awesome, awesome arc.

I’ve said it many times already, but I simply adore Jun’s character, and I really loved the ending. She stayed the same, but basically just got the confidence that she needed and in the end she’s the one who made the first move to kiss Keima. Despite the “student-teacher” untold rule that they aren’t supposed to kiss or do anything of the sort, this time I found it so absolutely cute, because Jun did it very fast, surprised everyone, even Keima, and also made it “an exception” by saying that it would be the only time Keima wouldn’t see her as a teacher. I loved that.

So cuuuute~

The wrestling match was… a little weird in a way… It was like a date that wasn’t a date, and Jun probably already had feelings for Keima by then, however I was still weirded out by the “let’s not be close” and yet she put her face 5 centimeters away from his. Also, Keima’s gentleman mood was way too manly and it didn’t feel like Keima at all. It was just… weird. Cute, but weird O.o .

There was a huge theme about ideals in this arc, I loved how they didn’t only focus on the romance and there was an actual moral to this in a way. I really liked when Keima finally put back in their place the students and made them think back on their words, because they seriously pissed me off in the end. A big chunk of this arc was all about idealism, and I’ve pretty much mentioned everything about it already but I’ll just add to it by putting in this AMAZING quote that Keima said and that I respect tons:


Apart from that, I don’t think I have much else to say about this episode… I’m still mad about the lack of a 3rd season or more episodes at the moment, let’s just hope it doesn’t stay that way ^.^ .

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