The World Only God Knows II Episode 7: Best Episode as of Yet

…I’m out of words. To be honest, I wrote this after my whole post, and I just detailed everything so much and talked about this amazing episode in so much detail that I don’t know how to summarize it anymore… This episode was one of the best I’ve seen in my life, and I’m not even exaggerating.

Continuing on with Chihiro’s now unwanted confession, it is the night before D-Day, and she is incredibly depressed, because it’s not to the guy she loves Guess who took her heart away? *evil laugh* Don’t ask the meaning of the evil laugh by the way... Keima, on his side, is busy preparing some more scenarios in order for Chihiro to succeed her confession, and apart from the fact that he has to get rid of her loose soul he doesn’t seem to give two shits about her “plain” personality and yet I still think you’re awesome… You mean child.

The next day, Chihiro doesn’t seem to have the heart to come in early, and so she hangs around, still incredibly depressed, and finally comes in and admits to Keima that she doesn’t want to confess. This causes Keima to explode on her, telling her that she’s never serious, and in the end Chihiro explodes also, and admits that she herself is just “a normal girl”, not special or amazing in anything, and that is what causes her to be so depressed.

With this, she leaves, and Keima realizes his mistake, which causes him to feel really bad and to get the loose soul out of her by himself. With Elci’s help, he finds Chihiro, then has a very serious conversation with her I’d rather not summarize it, it would ruin the greatness of it and in the end he kisses her in the most amazing way possible and Chihiro’s loose soul comes out. The next day, Chihiro decides that she will start a band, and Keima’s in his corner, much more sad than with the other girls.

This isn't just the little tingle of sadness we had before...

The last scene is between Keima and Elci, and Keima realizes that everyone is struggling against reality, and yet he doesn’t seem to do so, and he doesn’t say it out loud but I’m pretty sure that he’s realizing that he runs away from reality in his games, and finally admitting it.


I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever been so incredibly amazed by a single episode. If I was to give a note out of 10 on this one, it would get an 11 or a 12 at least, because that’s just simply how amazing it was. I was completely blown away by the plot, character development, animation and soundtrack of it, everything was absolutely outstanding and completely threw me off my chair.

Chihiro’s development was very surprising, I kinda knew that she was falling for Keima, however I was really surprised by the cause of her depression. My hypothesis was that she really wanted to feel love but in the end couldn’t or something along those lines, however I did not expect this and it completely surprised me. What made me love this even more was that it was something so real, so possible in real life, and yet very original and incredibly unpredictable. I also really loved her personality in the end. Chihiro is someone incredibly happy-go-lucky, and now that the loose soul has come out of her I have to say that she is my favourite girl so far. Her optimism and happiness is really contagious, and she literally made me smile at the end with her band and her walks to school.

The greatness of this doesn’t end there though. Keima’s development completely blew me away as well. First off, I have to admit that, despite his apparent “meanness” towards people in the real world, Keima definitely isn’t a coward. He admits his mistakes, and when he chased after Chihiro in order to repair his wrongs, I seriously admired him and I love that kind of personality, because there aren’t many people who can actually do that like he did.

Also, the ending. The ending, the ending, the ending… OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. Keima finally admitted to himself and started to realize that the Gaming World isn’t necessarily the best. His epiphany is going down finally, and I’m reaaaaally curious to see what will happen with that. To be honest, with this already in play I actually kinda wonder how the manga is still ongoing, I mean if Keima realizes right away that the real world isn’t bad… Then again, this show surprises me every time an episode comes out, so we shall see I WANT A FREAKIN’ 3RD SEASON!!!!!!!!!!This episode also contained some top notch quality, and I was seriously blown away by the symbolisms and OST of the show. The rain falling, then the sun, Chihiro as she looked at the papers Keima gave her and then her cell, I absolutely loved everything, and the soundrack behind it all was definitely noticeable and added so much more drama and sadness to it all. The art was also really nice, and the quality of these technicalities was incredible.

She actually looks like a grown woman like that, Elci looking mature is also very pretty :3

Add to that the traditional humour of the show, Elci’s cuteness and the amazing kissing scene between Keima and Chihiro, and you’ve got one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen in my life.

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