The World Only God Knows II Episode 8: Elci Learns About Gaming and Haqua Fails… Once More

After such a huge cliffhanger where it looked like Keima realized that the real world had some importance, he is now back into Gamers’ World and it doesn’t look like he has changed much Awwwww.This week, Keima even decides to bring Elci to the dark side! He wants her to know more about games, and at first we think it’s because he wants them to get closer, but it turns out all he wants is for her to get a game while he’s out to a game fair *facepalm* I agree with Elci *statement to follow*.Then follows a quick introduction to games, which explains why Keima still believes that 2D girls are the best WTF WERE THE LAST EPISODES ALL ABOUT THEN?! GRRR. As the episode goes on, everything is all about Elci as she tries to learn more about gaming and its subtleties for example, 3 games that look ALL THE SAME but that are, in fact, different O.o wtf. Her being Elci and quite dumb, she fails miserably, however for once Keima doesn’t get mad at her in the end it’s a MIRACLE! and the first part of the episode ends.

Naughty, naughty dolls...

In the second part, Haqua shows up! Just as Keima expected to do nothing else but gaming for the day, he had to get everything ruined and was forced to communicate with the outside world. Haqua then asks Keima and Elci to help her out with her report on her humongous FAILURE small mistake since she can’t remember everything. After Elci has decided that she wasn’t taking any of this seriously as usual, Haqua blackmails Keima into helping her out since she can answer questions about loose souls. With this, they start taking it as seriously as Elci did, and it ends up in dirty things “doll version” on the model and violent things “human version” on Keima Bonus! An Elci is also included in the package.

In the end, Haqua leaves at night after repairing the catastrophe her and Elci started she doesn’t fail to remember to act tsundere-like for all the boys out there who love tsundere characters.



Hum, hum hum… I dunno what to think. As much as I love this show, this episode deceived me a little, especially concerning the main plot that we got from the end of last episode.

First off, Keima’s reaction about gaming and real life was a little way too rapidly wrapped up. I mean, I would have liked to get an explanation as to why Keima was back to his gaming methods so freakin’ fast, if only just a 5 minute reflection on it. Now, it just seemed as though Keima was back to his “2D characters are much better than real life”, with nothing else to say about his “epiphany” from last episode. I expected this show to be different from other romance shows that tend to stretch everything that should have been over much before… I would hate to be deceived, and I hope that the reason Keima was back to normal was just for filler purposes…

I will not give up hope! As I said before, this show has surprised me several times, let’s see what it brings us and let’s hope that the next arc will once again involve Keima :). If they still act as though nothing had happened, I might just walk around town and kill a cat and that would be sad, because cats are just so awesome. I love cats.

Haqua is back! Just like some people mentioned, she’s the tsundere character of the story, and although I usually don’t like tsundere characters she doesn’t piss me off as much, probably because she still has a “normal” side to her. I do believe I still like Elci more though… Not that I would want her to be paired up with Keima that would just be plain weird, but I still want her to have a bigger part in the story than Haqua :).

Talking about Elci, I just said 2 lines ago that I wouldn’t want her to be paired up with Keima, however I can’t help but love the fact that she seems to be interested in him. It makes everything so much more eventful and funny, moreover what would a romance show be if the 2 main characters didn’t have some cute times together? Poor her though, I think even if she yelled it out that she liked Keima this guy wouldn’t care and ditch her for a game any second and yet I still freaking love him. Her trying to learn about gaming was also pretty funny. She’s really cute! ^.^ Yes, I just had to end this review with this simple sentence that I’ve overused many times. It’s so true though 😀.

Update concerning this season: We have been deceived. It’s only 12 episodes. Grr.

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