The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 5: The "Real" Type

This episode starts in Keima’s house, where he is busy counting the number of gaming time he has lost while hunting down loose souls After all, he only has another 60 years to live *sighs*. He then asks Elci how many loose souls are left, to which Elci replies promptly and happily “Around 60, 000 or so!”.

Do not lose hope! You still have a chanc... okay, you're screwed. Do feel depressed as much as you want.

The next day, Keima goes to school incredibly depressed, explains how senseless it is to have 60, 000 loose souls left with an amazing Dragonball reference to add to that and after Elci asks her friend Chihiro to cheer him up, the said friend refuses because Keima is “disgusting” and we learn of Keima’s reputation at school from the girls side: disgusting PFF. He’s awesome. You girls are missing the jackpot. PFF. Keima pretends that he isn’t bothered by it, however it turns out that he is, and meanwhile Chihiro passes by and Elci gets the signal that she is a loose soul.

Keima freaks out and goes even more depressed than he was already which is quite the exploit all because Chihiro is way too much the portrait of “a real girl” with no special traits, therefore she will be very tough to conquer. Even after having seen her cry because she was rejected, even after Chihiro is absent from school the next day, Keima still refuses to conquer her, although for a moment he seemed to feel sad for her. He is about to finally help her out, telling himself over and over again “it’s not a conquest, it’s not a conquest” when Chihiro gets over her love for the guy she confessed to and moves on to another one this girl is quite close to beating a record O.o .

You know, this doesn't look quite "normal" to me... O.o

Keima then explodes on her, admits that he was worried Tehe, cute and then lectures how about how normal she is. Chihiro counters with her own insults, then for some reason transforms him into a cockroach now, unless I’m wrong, I do believe that there was another Dragonball reference there, if not then it might have been another show that I haven’t watched… By the way, I THOUGHT THIS WAS A NORMAL WORLD O_O HOW THE HELL COULD HE GET TRANSFORMED INTO A COCKROACH?! O_O.

After this incident, Keima becomes a hermit, leaving his room only to play more games while he’s in the classroom. Elci tries her best to get him out, however she fails, and time passes by as Keima never comes out, just playing, playing and playing some more. The seasons pass by in the hallway? Um… Wtf?, and when he finally goes to school, he collapses from lack of food when Takahara Ayumi, a character we hadn’t met yet, goes to see him and decides to be super nice, giving him a superb smile.


Woah woah woah O_O. This episode was intense.

Apparently, this conquest is going to take much determination from Keima, that which he has not, at all. Someone finally told him directly how people saw him in the real world, which has strengthened his conviction that the real world sucks and that it’s a waste of time. He’s going through a rough time, and although some scenes seriously confused me during his depression like the cockroach scene, or the “elements-in-the hallway” scene O.o, I still felt sad for him and wanted to give him a big, humongous hug.

In the end though, I’m sure that it will help his character development, and that he will find a purpose in the real world and the real girls after all. It’s a nice plotline, and I’m actually quite curious as to how Takahara Ayumi will boost his esteem. Since she isn’t the loose soul, it looks like she’s just another side character who will be seen from time to time, however she’s one of the rare people who treats Keima right, so I don’t know how that will turn out.

As for Chihoro, I do believe that her hobby is to change from guy to guy, and that this is what causes her to have an empty heart. She probably wishes to find real love, however she can’t find it, and simply goes for different guys every time because she wants love. I really like the fact that she’s the typical portrait of “a real girl”, and it really makes me wonder how the hell Keima will manage to conquer her once he’s out of depression, since he has no idea how to conquer her himself.

By the way, there were a ton of references involved in this episode. Maybe I missed some, but I noticed that Dragonball and Snoopy was there, although I do believe the cockroach scene and the “seasons passing by in a hallway” scene that I’ll never get over since I was really disturbed… Gee, I thought this show was normal were also references (If people have more info on that, I would like to know very very much!). Talking about those scenes, they were quite disturbing and gave me a serious WTF moment. In a way, they made Keima’s depression seem almost ridiculous, which made me flinch a bit, because it wasn’t really the time for us to laugh / be confused. They tried mixing in humour with sadness, and it didn’t work very well.

Also... Whoever she is, her face is way too detailed and pretty for her to simply be a side character stepping on Keima while he's in cockroach mode... *stare* She's suspicious...

In the end, so many questions are left unanswered… I can’t wait until next episode :).

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