Toaru Hikkuushi e no Koiuta episode 11: Power of the Wind

Toaru Hikkuushi e no Koiuta tornado of emotions

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Well this episode was both surprising and awesome. I must admit I was not expecting most of the plot to be addressed in this episode, I was waiting for the final episode before Nina Viento get her power back and for the romantic story between Claire and Karl to come to fruition. Seeing all those major plot-point comes full circle really makes me wonder what the final episode will be all about. The show definitively covered enough material already to be considered a worthy watch and I believe next episode might just be a conclusion to what we saw so far. Seeing Claire and Kal-el reunited, having people cry the lost once more and maybe having a semi-conclusion / update on the adventure and quest to reach the end of the sky. This makes me wonder if a second season will be on the way or not, but I guess it is a bit too early to talk about this since this season has yet to be over yet.

Toaru Hikkuushi e no Koiuta savior fleet

Something that really surprised me this episode was the evident lack of death. I was certain that Noriaki and Sharif would both lose their life in that battle, I am extremely surprised that the only thing they lost in the end was an arm and consciousness. I must say I am a bit disappointed with that outcome as I would have loved to see some more traumatic event when they went back to Isla afterward, but at the same time it is understandable that having too many deaths near the end of the show could have cheapen their sacrifice. At least I’m glad that they did have to sacrifice something to achieve victory in that battle, it wasn’t just an heroic victory because we are the good guys in the show.

Toaru Hikkuushi e no Koiuta he's now armless

Let me finish up the review of this episode with what I found most obvious that would happen, but also what I love the most that happened this episode. Toaru Hikkuushi e no Koiuta is a really cheesy, romantic, adventure show that is overly dramatic. It doesn’t try to be anything else and it is extremely good at what it is. The show is serious, presents real drama and was really touching…but it was not anything original. This kind of shows have been done thousands of times, not that often in anime. I could perfectly understand if people disliked the show because it was too generic and cliché, I loved it because of how well done of a cliché it was. I was just amazed and so happy to see Nina regain her power of the wind now that she listen to her heart and emotions. I’m just so pumped to see her use that power in the future to increase their odds in battle and to complete their adventure. Unfortunately it is stuff that I might never witness if there is no second season coming out for the show. I guess the final episode will give us a much better idea if a second season is planned or not.

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