Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta episode 2: End of the Sky

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When this episode first started I began having some doubts about choosing this show. I was afraid that it would end up something akin to Suisei no Gargantia, where the universe and story shows great promise only to have the show turn into something else entirely. After seeing all the young pilot entering the school ground I began to think that maybe the show would just turn into some kind of romantic school life story on a floating island and that everything else, the story, the universe, was all just excuses to make the romance progresses. My fear vanished quite rapidly after watching just a bit more of the episode, as we could see political struggle lying in the shadow and I can already hear the murmurs of betrayal and past wars resonate along the story.

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We are only at the second episode and there is already so many more things that are revealed to us, we learn how food is cultivated and found for the population, what the real objective of the mission is and how it came about and we already also have clues as to what previously happened in the universe to shape things as they are now. Any story who put this much attention to details and which have this much depth in its story and background cannot possibly turn bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if in future episode we got to learn a whole bunch more about the past, learn more about each student and we might start to understand that this floating island really isn’t all that peaceful and calm place to live.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the battles and action didn’t actually start before the very end of the show, I feel like there is already enough content in those 2 episodes to keep things interesting for a long while even if people don’t start dying left and right just yet. You can be certain that has things go on we’ll get to know and love character only to see them die in later conflict, this is why I’m already so in love with the show, I’m anticipating having my heartbroken into pieces as I watch things I care about being destroyed…and I love it. I must be some kind of really insane masochist, but this is what I come to expect and love about anime, when they manage to reach my old rusty heart and make it bleed out emotions.

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The one thing that I’m growing more and more curious about as each episode past though is a really simple question…What do those people hope to find at the end of sky? What does the end of the sky supposed to referenced? Are they just trying to reach the end of their world for knowledge sake or are they moving forward with an objective? I’m growing more and more curious as to what the people think of when they talk about the end of the sky and what it means to them. I really hope we find out soon, I can’t wait to understand how every character see this expedition, see the adventure from their point of view.

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