Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta episode 4: Princess of the Wind

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Well damn, that was a turn of event I definitively didn’t expect. This just completely changed the show in an instant for me. I thought that the drama would come from what would be discovered at the edge of the world, not from all the difficult relationship that took place inside the school ground. At this point heart will be shattered, but not in the sense I had hoped. I knew that some difficulty would arise between Claire and Karl, but I thought it would come as a result of warfare…not because of past grudge.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta is a bit weird in its pacing. We are already a third of the way to the end of the season (show runs only 12 episodes) and we are still developing characters and having little sunbathing “beach” episode. Don’t get me wrong, character development is a great thing, but I’m curious if the show will actually be over at the end of this season, or if a second season is planned to complete the story. I don’t want this show to turn into another Suisei no Gargantia, where everything starts awesome, then calms down and eventually goes to complete shit at the end. Toaru Hikuushi has ton of potential, I hope it won’t go to waste.

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Into the episode itself, I feel like Karl and Ariel speaks way too much about their past considering Karl history should be kept hidden. I mean, Karl will be executed on the spot if his identity is revealed, it is not just a matter of controversy, his life is at stake here. Meanwhile he goes around telling so many important information to everyone they meet, which is especially dangerous considering rumors of his presence have been circulating on the island. I don’t know if the guy is too confident, stupid or if he’s too ignorant to realize his position. Now at this point it is not a question of IF his identity is revealed, but rather a question of WHEN it will be. I don’t give him more than 2 more episodes before Claire learns of his true name and origin.

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Speaking of Claire, I had not imagined in my wildest dream that she was the princess of the wind, that Claire was Nina Viento. It was already apparent that Nina Viento would have an important role in the story, but I did not expect her to appear as the little joyful and innocent girl that is Claire. Now it makes the relationship between those two even more interesting, but the result seems rather issue to guess. While Karl hates Nina Viento, he has forgiven (or at least he tries to) everyone involved in this. It was his mother wish after all. So it is clear that the both of them will forgive one another for their past and learn to love one-another despite that. It is such an impossible yet romantic relationship, it makes things perfect for that part of the story. Only thing left to figure out is…what will we find at the end of the sky? I still wish we could have an answer to that, this show really knows how to grab you by the balls and force you to keep watching it!

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