Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta episode 6: Economy on Isla

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta money makes the world go round

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A love story that is meant to end in betrayal. This is what I saw this episode, it seems that someone will either die or turn traitor here very soon. Chiharu kept on mentioning and reacting way too much to the Sky Clan, I feel like she has some kind of relationship to them somehow. I am not sure if maybe she is related to the Sky Clan, or she is just particularly worried about future battles, but either way there is something really fishy about her and the events that are going to happen very soon. Since it was mentioned this episode that Mitsuo was a particularly good scout I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sent out there to be part of the scouting unit. From there if you consider that he was just suddenly made more important in the story and that the title of next week episode is “A Glorious Death”, it is rather easy to piece things together and to understand all the foreshadowing that is going on right now.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta impending doom

I am willing to bet that in the next 2 episodes, we will lose at least 1 of the student. I also give more probability that Chiharu is the one who will lose her life. It is rather certain at this point that Karl or Claire won’t be involved as they are partner and they cannot risk Nina Viento’s life, I also have some doubt that Ari could fall right now as I feel she has greater purpose in this show and that she has yet to accomplish her role. What thing that I am certain though is that someone will have to die soon to help kick this show into motion and I feel that the amount of foreshadowing this episode hints at it to happen next week.

People dying aside, I find it rather interesting that for once we finally got the name of the 4 people leading this whole operation into the unknown. It took 6 episodes, but we now finally know the name and function of the 2 other members of the council of four which we had yet to acquaint ourselves with. The secretary of foreign affair and minister of finance. Two roles which are rather important on a floating society that goes into the unknown, but the one job of the two I am most interested in right now is definitively finance.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Admiral and secretary

It is not completely clear if the expedition of Isla is a military or governmental expedition. There is heavy military presence because of the risk the expedition entails, but there seems to be a lot of civilians and regular people living there. What surprises me most is that despite the very small size of the floating island, they seem to be working under a capitalistic economy. I feel like capitalistic methods might not be the best way to perform such a large scale / high risk operation. Usually mission of this kind are done in a more hierarchical way, free market is not such a great thing when all the market opportunity you have are limited to the size of a few km square piece of floating rock. I had already trouble understanding how they managed to have this much fish and food on that small island for all that population, now the economy of such a small place going under a free market sounds rather difficult to maintain and work properly. Because they are objective based I see very little reason for free enterprise. Why would you open a business there? The island is going somewhere, everyone need food and stuff to survive, even if you get “richer” you can’t get much more than anyone else on the island already. There are just so many resources available and I figure that most of the resources are used to operate the military facilities more than creating industries. I really wish there was some deeper explanation for how things work over there, but I highly doubt it will ever happen. This is the kind of thing that usually get completely omitted in manga and people forget to take in consideration when they write their stories.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta worried

Despite all my whining, I still love this show and I’m looking forward to the next episode where things are sure to get much more intense than what we saw thus far.

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