Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta episode 8: Dying for Isla

Toaru Hikkenshu e no Koita fausto dead

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This show sure doesn’t fail to be awesome, it has not disappointed me even slightly since it started, it is exactly what I thought it would be and it does what it is great at perfectly. The show is extremely difficult and dramatic, it is both realistic and not at the same time. It shows the great sacrifice required in wars, it shows the price paid for adventure and survival, it shows how even the sweetest of dream can become a terrifying nightmare. Yet despite being so cruel and real, it remains a romantic adventure in the sense that I doubt any of the two main character will ever die until we reach the very end, this is not game of thrones, I am pretty sure Karl and Claire are immune to the sudden death from the sky.

Toaru Hikkenshu e no Koita coming out of a war

Having said that, what an episode that was. I was expecting for a lot of casualties among the recruit, but I never expected for that many important character to lose their life, especially Fausto. After all he is the son of the General who screwed up in that battle. In the end, one could say that it is his own father that killed him, that is the result of a failure from a general. Wolfgang and Marco had an epic death worthy of their life and everything was tremendously epic and intense, but it was so sad and cruel to see the trainee fight together at the best of their capacity to defend their nation, even though they all lost their life doing so except for the two siblings. I believe that now everyone of the noble trainees have lost their life in defending Isla, this really goes to show how quick things can go in a war, Isla has no means of reinforcement, no new kids will come around to replace those who lost their life. The trainees left are all that is left to occupy the school. I have a feeling that the dorms will feel awfully empty in the future, it is one thing to lose someone who was in our daily life, but it is much more difficult to bear when you constantly see their empty seat at the end of the table.

Toaru Hikkenshu e no Koita dying with a smile on your face

In the next episode the memorial for the fallen will be held and I’m certain it will be a very touching and heart-shattering episode. It is one thing to see everyone die, but in the midst of the action it is easy to forget and to remember those who have survived instead, but after the dust has settled, you have to bury your comrade and remember that they will never again be by your side. As Ari said though, everyone fought because they wanted to, and they died by choice to defend their friends and everything they hold dear. Wolfgang said it before he died, “I do not regret anything”. Those are the words of a true soldier who fights for a cause. The show is a romantic adventure, so obviously they will embellish war and the pride of fighting to defend what we love, but I’m afraid that real war is nothing like what we see in anime.

Toaru Hikkenshu e no Koita bombardment

Finally, let me just talk a bit about the random plane who came in to save the Albus. It seems that new alliances will be made in the near future which should allow for Isla to join continue their journey. A new alliance, with new people having a similar mythology but what seems to be excellent pilots. This is important because it hints at the fact that this story won’t be over in 12 episodes, everyone won’t die and they won’t fail to accomplish their dream, instead it says that the adventure has just begun and a new faction will join the fray bringing new characters and new life into the show. Will this show actually have a second season though is not for me to predict, but for the sales to foretell.

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