Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta episode 9: Identities revealed

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Well here we go, we finally got to the point where everyone’s identities are revealed and now everyone is crying in their corner and complaining while bombs are falling on their head. It sounds really stupid, but I’m actually sure I would do the exact same thing if I was in that situation. There could be bombs falling all over, there could be aliens attacking my city and the black plague could be back and infecting everyone…I wouldn’t care and cry in my home if my girlfriend and I had an argument. Still, I must say that I found the timing rather odd that an air strike and bombardment started as they finished kissing and the truth was revealed. I know this show is all about the over-dramatic events and being overly cheesy, but I find it rather odd that a bombing is happening in the background and those two don’t seem to give a fuck, especially since one of them is the figurehead of the country being bombed.

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We all knew it was coming soon, but now both Karl and Claire’s identity are revealed to each other, even Ignacio and Ari are somehow in the loop with everything now. Speaking of Ari, I must command on her sharpness. I’m not exactly sure how she managed to piece everything together, but she sure had a light of genius there somehow. Same goes for Ignacio in a different way. Ignacio has always been portrayed as this really antisocial guy who never cared about anyone except himself, yet now he is starting to be revealed as quite the intelligent but straightforward fellow. This episode Ignacio took care of Ari, Karl and Claire. Everyone seems to think of him as this really rude guy, and I guess he is, but he always does the right thing at the right time. It really makes me wonder what his story his and he seems like a much more interesting character than we were allowed to see so far. People might complain that Ignacio is rather rough with Karl right now, but this is how boys solve their problems. Crying and talking is for girls, a real man will get hit in the face, throw in a lake and from there he will either start crying and fall to being a girl OR he will fight back and become a real man once again. Life is all about confidence and if a man is allowed into self-pity, he should be let free from it with a good punch.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta kicked down

This episode was mostly a transition episode, there was no true content and no finality to it. It was a bit touching to see everyone cry at the lost of their friends, but in the end they all have to get their chin up again and get moving, they don’t have any way out of this, so they better keep on fighting until the bitter end.

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