Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 10: Like Father like Son

Tokyo Ghoul √a new challenger

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What a turn of event, if there is one thing I didn’t expect to happen this episode, it is seeing the manager, the owl, die. He was such a prominent character, he was Kaneki’s mentor, he was the one voice of peace and reason in this crazy world. the CCG has no idea what they just did, killing the Owl will not solve a thing, if anything they will just make everything worse for themselves by destroying the leading community of peaceful Ghouls. Now everyone who lived under the guidance of the manager might go astray, I’m not sure that the devil ape and the black Doberman have the influence necessary to keep the One-eyed Owl, Kaneki and Touka together. If Kaneki might be persuaded to back down at this point, and while he has the “influence” to have Touka follow him, I’m pretty sure the manager’s son won’t be so cooperative.

Tokyo Ghoul √a one-eyed owl

It is the very first time we even see him, first time he is formally proven to exist in the show and boy does he make a good first impression. If the Old Owl looked badass, it is nothing compared to his son, he is a complete beast of its own. We have heard so much about him too, since the very first few episodes of the original season that everyone talks about this one-eyed ghoul. We have not even seen the guy in non-combat form yet, but darn does this combat form looks good on him.

Tokyo Ghoul √a dying

I was surprised that Kaneki was unable to save the Owl in time. Kaneki looks so much stronger than he ever was, he has made a name of himself and his now known as a major threat. Of course it doesn’t seem as if he is deemed as important and gruesome as the Owl yet, but I would have been very interested in seeing the Owl and Kaneki fight together at least once before the Owl had to leave this world. Instead Kaneki was able to save the two others and now he’s stuck in front of Amon and an army of CCG officers. I would think Kaneki to be at least as strong as the Owl now, and he has to face only Amon and an army of grunt? I know Amon and Kaneki have some kind of a connection there and it is ideal for them to fight us one against the other, but at the same time, I think that Kaneki should far surpass Amon at this point. I hope it won’t just be a one on one battle and that the CCG will bother to liberate more resources for Kaneki, the boy deserves it.

Tokyo Ghoul √a scary face

On a final note, despite how great the episode was, there were great many scenes which were just not completed. The most blatantly obvious scene being the one where Juuzo comes out of nowhere to join the fight against the Owl, there are no details anywhere and the scene looks like it came straight from the animated storyboard. I hope this is not something that will continue to repeat in the last 2 episodes, because it seriously took away from the intensity and the action. It just felt like an unfinished product, try to keep it together until the end guys!

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