Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 11: Will no one die for real?

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And this is how the fighting came to an end, with thousands of dead bodies and no clear winner in this fight. Both the CCG, Aogiri and Kaneki lost a ton in this battle, and what was gained from it? Countless people died on either side…or that’s what I would have wanted to say anyway, as it turns out, despite the whole dramatic death scene, the Old Owl is still alive. We’ve lost Shinohara and that young dude who didn’t wanted to die, but everyone else still made it out fine somehow. This does make it kind of sad that we had all this big confrontation with so little victims, it kind of defeats the entire buildup and purpose of this battle. Why did we have this entire dramatic buildup to the destruction of Anteiku if at the end the building is still up and EVERY.SINGLE.CHARACTER involved with it are still alive? There is too much battle shounen bullshit in this anime for how serious it tries to be. You have to have character die if you want things to be epic, this outcome just ruins everything from the past few episodes.

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Let’s forget about how cheesy this ending was, I want to talk a bit about Eto, the second Owl. First of all, it was quite the reveal to me that she was a girl. Ever since she was referenced for the first time I always thought it was a guy. For some reason I remember the manager referencing the one-eyed owl as being a guy and seeing a guy in the flashback.Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it was just a way to mislead us, but it was a surprising reveal nonetheless. That girl certainly doesn’t mess around and it seems that she already know of Kaneki and of her father. She even saved the old man (who seriously should be dead). It is a rather gross way to protect someone, engulfing them whole and then regurgitated them, but hey, it seems to have worked the two Owl are still alive somehow.

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As the battle comes to a close, with Kaneki barely beating Amon, with Shinohara dying (hopefully) to protect Juzo, with Kaneki and his old Pal meeting at Anteiku, with everything that happened…we will most likely see yet another season of Tokyo Ghoul, this is just about guaranteed. The story is not closing on anything tangible right now, they haven’t closed any of the plot points, instead they opened up a thousand more. The show is already not following the manga at this point, so it could just straight up continue on its anime adaptation until they go to far and people just stop watching. I can’t say that Tokyo Ghoul is terrible, because it most certainly has a lot of very good element, and this season especially had some great episode for character development. Yet despite this, I feel like the battles are a bit weak, I think that for the quality of the episode without fighting, the episode that does involve action are done very poorly, but animation wise and story wise. We’ll have to see what comes from this very last episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if things were left really open ended or if we straight up end on another cliffhanger. I’d most likely still watch a third season though, this show is good enough to keep my general interest.

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