Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 12 [Final]: Most Bullshit Ending

Tokyo Ghoul√a suicide walk

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I’m really not sure how I feel about this episode, there was some very good things in it, and then some atrociously bad stuff too. One thing is for sure though, as the ending to the season, this was just a very bad episode.  We have an ending, but it is such a bad and anti-climatic ending that I would have rather it stayed open ended. Let’s recap a bit what happened this episode.

First, Taneki and Hide kind of caught up with one another just before Hide dramatic death. This part of the episode was nice, it was a slow but real moment, it helped us realize Kaneki’s pain and understand what all his fighting and rebellion and searching came to be. We were thrown into the many memories of Anteiku and the different ways everything was changed forever. Everything went well that far.

Tokyo Ghoul√a Hide's last moment

Then is where the bullshit starts. While I really loved Kaneki’s dramatic walk towards the CCG and all the crazy emotion associated with it…it was just too damn long. Changing the show to this very slow pace was a good way to settle after the action of previous episodes, but it was just overdone. I got bored about halfway through the episode because of how much they were abusing the silence and slowness. It really ruined the moment for me at the end, too much is just like not enough.

Tokyo Ghoul√a crying tears of blood and water

And as if this bad pacing was not enough of a blunder already, they do the worse thing of all and have Kaneki suicide off screen. Seriously? That’s the way this ends? Kaneki just suddenly decide he’s had enough and just gives up on life like that? I know Kaneki is a pussy emo boy, but he’s not a completely irrational pussy emo boy. Why would Kaneki suddenly decide to kill himself like that? I must have missed some very important lines at some point during the season because his thought process don’t make a sliver of sense to me right now. Kaneki wanted to be stronger to be with everyone else and strong enough not to lose anyone anymore, he then proceed to save some of them…and he kills himself.

I must admit that at first I just didn’t want to believe that Kaneki just went there to die, I thought I just misinterpreted something, thought there would be more at the end of the episode that would reveal what Kaneki was doing. NOPE, Kaneki just went up ahead and killed himself…offscreen. Because you know, having the main character die is such an unimportant event in the show that there is no reason we should even bother showing it!

Tokyo Ghoul√a older Touka

I’m extremely frustrated after this episode, Tokyo Ghoul √a was so much better than the first season, yet it someone had the worse ending I could possibly imagine. The character just don’t make sense to me anymore, half the character who should have died are still alive and somehow Kaneki is the only one dying for real by committing suicide? How am I suppose to make sense of this! I think the season as a whole had a great run, it was entertaining to watch, it was well made, but this ending is just severe bullshit and it ruins everything for me. This doesn’t make me want to recommend Tokyo Ghoul to anyone anymore, it is just too frustrating to watch at this point.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 12 [Final]: Most Bullshit Ending

  1. BrokenLoyalty says:

    There will be a third season to the anime, I believe it was announced for this summer. Sorta spoiler but this would basically be in the first episode, techincally kaneki’s not dead he gets defeated and captured by arima, loses all his memories and becomes investigator Haise Sasaki. Instead of his like 10 min walk they could’ve probably had that as the ending for this season.

  2. Synapse says:

    I thought the second season was terrible. Most of it made no sense to me, and I already read the manga. They took out two key points and ALOT of small details that would have made it more enjoyable.


    Firstly, Kaneki didn’t join Aogiri to become a ‘dicky’ disconnected character. In fact, he was supposed to remain with Tsukiyama and Banjo, and he retained his original personality, playing with Hinami. He decided to hunt down Aogiri, which was directed by Kanou, the doctor who made Kaneki a ghoul. When he went to a massive facility Kanou was hiding under his mansion, Kaneki saw him using Rize to make more one eyed ghouls. Rize is still alive and is rescued by Yomo. Amon is dead, because he got his body sliced up, Shinohara became a vegetable after bleeding out from losing his leg, Juuzo also lost a leg, and Kaneki gets killed by Arima in the end (like, stabbed through the eyes). Oh, and Hide is not supposed to die.

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