Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 2: Grooming a Child to Perfection

Tokyo Ghoul √a young mado

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The first season is a little bit away in my mind, but I did remember Tokyo Ghoul to be a rather fast-paced anime filled with action and development every episode. I find it a bit odd to have such a slow episode this time around, not that I found it to be weird in any way, but it was certainly unusual. We definitively did see some progress in the story, focusing mainly on the investigator, but partly because Kaneki was not present as much and partly because of the pacing, this episode felt different than what I remember Tokyo Ghoul to be like.

Tokyo Ghoul √a fucked up one

A majority of the episode was from the eyes of the inspectors, we got back to Amon and got to meet his new assistant. I can’t say I really like the fact that she is Mado’s daughter. I feel it kind of pushes luck a bit too far for it to be the case. I really like the character of Akira Mado, I love her personality and what she brings to complement Amon, but I don’t feel it was necessary that she be Mado’s daughter in any way. That girl is interesting enough on her own where she doesn’t have to be defined by someone else. As someone who value efficiency, I think I’ll come to love Akira. She knows her job, she knows how to do it well and she has the skills and intelligent to go through with it. As it turns out, Old Kureo Mado wasn’t just great at its job it seems, he sure knew how to make some terribly effective children too! That girl seem to have been raised to become the best ever, kudos to the late old man.

Tokyo Ghoul √a Akira Mado

The other side of the story that was touched upon a bit this episode was Touka and her new aspiring to bring Kaneki back to her side. It must be tough for the girl, having her brother in Aogiri was already something, but now the kind little innocent boy she loved has turned to the other side too.  I’m not certain why she somehow hopes to see him in college now that he has turned to gangsterism and warfare, but I guess a girl needs to believe in something. It sure will be different in the 20th ward now that Kaneki is gone, everything is pretty messed up with his new change of allegiance. Now the old Yoshimura might even have to do something about it. For a man hunted by the entire Tokyo service force, that old man sure knows how to keep quiet and keep things under wrap.

Tokyo Ghoul √a Kaneki

I still can’t get my head around the fact Kaneki’s gone. The boy just left out of nowhere and now he’s running the show with Touka’s brother. We haven’t seen Kaneki kill anyone and he doesn’t seem incline to eat anyone either yet, but I do wonder what his moral compass looks like now. So much as changes with him, I want to see the result, I want to be able to understand what is going on in his mind…I want to know why he’s with Aogiri now. I sure hope we’ll get to know soon.

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