Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 3: Change of Pace

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 As we get deeper into the story there is one thing I found very obvious about this second season of Tokyo Ghoul, this really doesn’t follow the same pace than the first season, for better or worse. The first season of Tokyo Ghoul was known to be really fast and somehow patchy. I remember the first season for its heavy focus on story development and I remember it having really little focus on the character themselves until the very end. The anime was skipping a lot and focused ever so briefly on things like Touka’s feeling or even Kaneki’s friend. As far as I remember the show was mostly about ghouls killing one another in great black-bar-of-censorship.

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I find this season of Tokyo Ghoul to have a completely different approach and it made me second guess myself a lot about my expectation for each episode. So far in √a we have seen a very “normal” pacing in the episode of Tokyo Ghoul. There was a good balance between character development, story progression and action. I find myself being able to identify to the characters and understand what is going on much more than I was able to in the first season. It might just be me, but I also find we are now doing a 180 when it comes from the point of view in this universe. We used to see the world from Kaneki’s eyes, we use to hear his thought and in the final episode we even entered his subconscious. Now when we see him it is always at the third person, we never enter his mind anymore. We get to see everyone, every side of that conflict, but we can’t understand what Kaneki is doing anymore and I doubt that it is going to change. Kaneki’s intentions are now held to be a mystery to be revealed in the future. Hopefully the reveal will be interesting.

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On a different matter, I’ll have to start skipping the opening very soon. It is very rare that I see an anime opening that is so bad I just can’t watch it. It is even weirder when it is from a show with such great rating as Tokyo Ghoul. Here is usually how my expectation towards the episode will be: Beginning the episode my expectations are high, Then I see the opening and suddenly I expect everything from now on to be shit and I think to myself a show with such a lame opening couldn’t possibly be interesting. Obviously I then watch the episode and it is usually awesome, but it really bothers me to see such a weak opening from this show.

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I know I didn’t talk much about the episode itself today, but I think I’ll have more time to talk about the current progression of the story and the new characters at a later time, for now this episode mostly helped me understand what to expect from now and how to appreciate the show for what it is.

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