Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 4: Poor Nameless Grunts

Tokyo Ghoul √a grunts getting killed

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 I must admit there is a lot of the invasion to this high security facility which I simply do not understand. I know they are after someone in particular and to obtain more strength to fight and get Tokyo to bend in front of their power, but what is the deal with that super strong fighter at the bottom and their specific objectives are all escaping my grasp. I find it difficult to understand more than the action in this episode. Things have turned into something more akin to a typical battle shounen more than in the past. At this point we  just see generic henchmen from both sides dying by the dozen while a few major character have the fun of their lives. I have usually disregarded those scene while watching Tokyo Ghoul because it was just a little price to pay for further character development. As long as the amount of senseless battle is kept to the same level as the first season, I can get behind episode like this one. I just want the show to keep its focus on the psychological aspect more than anything else, it is what drew me in Tokyo Ghoul in the first place.

Tokyo Ghoul √a Aogiri

Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of action is fun from time to time, but it just isn’t the same when there are this many characters and so little importance or background is given to any of them. When we had the interaction between Jason and Kaneki it was amazing, but when side characters kill nameless grunts, there just isn’t much entertainment there. When you have guards shooting 10 000 bullet a seconds and yet not a single one of them hit one of the main characters…that kind of shounen logic.

Tokyo Ghoul √a surrounded

We did have character development this episode,  we got more backstory on Amon, we got some more on Juuzo and his (kind of) relationship with the two one-eyed twins, we got to meet another important character related to Rize…but more importantly, we finally got to know what Kaneki was thinking when he joined Aogiri. This is what I had been waiting for since I was done with the first episode of the season, I wanted to know why, why Kaneki went to the other side. Kaneki still tries to avoid death, he doesn’t want for anyone to die because of him anymore. He doesn’t engage in hostilities and when he does he simply incapacitate or disarm his enemies. At the end of the day, he still seems to be himself, but the major psychological changes that occurs within him because of Jason’s torture have still left a profound mark. Now Kaneki wants to become stronger, he wants to stand up for himself, he wants to protect the things he cares about, he wants to start existing and acting rather than leading a passive life where everything is taken away from him. He somehow thinks that Aogiri is the way to achieve what he wants, he really is a teenager. A lot of teenager go to a rebellious phase, where they believe that to obtain what they want they need to protest or fight the current organization, it is funny to see Kaneki go to the same thought process than any teenager. One day he will grow up and learn the same thing the Owl learned long ago, nothing good comes from violence.

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