Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 6: Raised like a Circus Beast

Tokyo Ghoul √a circus animal

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After the action and battle of the last two episodes, we are back to a slower pace with more character development and traditional story telling. I figure I must not be in the majority here, but this kind of episode is much more entertaining and intense to me than the mindless battles of the last few episodes. Seeing what is happening in the head of all those characters and understanding their struggle is something much more telling and intense than seeing blood fly everywhere with people dying left and right.

Tokyo Ghoul √a pain

I feel there is so many things that were revealed this episode it will be difficult to go through all of them, the one I was most excited about though was definitively Juzo’s story. Juzo has always been portrayed as quite the interesting character, He was always gung-ho and ready to jump into a fray of ghoul to massacre them all. While Juzo had an interesting personality, I just assumed he would be a side character introduced only to make some battles crazier and more intense, I never expected they actually bothered to give him a very relevant and interesting childhood to explain his psychotic behaviour. It always makes me surprised and happy when I realize that some thought have been put into the characters in an anime. Too many anime don’t bother to put any thought as to why a character acts a certain way, we are just supposed to accept that it is who they are. This is not the case now, Juzo had a pretty terrifying and cruel uprising by a ghoul, he was made to be a senseless killing machine.

Tokyo Ghoul √a peculiar boy

After learning how he became what he is now, I am not as surprise by his personality or his ability to kill, but rather I’m really wondering why the Ghoul Investigators allowed him to work with them. He is an unstable element that could turn against them any moment and I don’t think a sociopath makes for the best inspector from a moral standpoint. Don’t you usually want enforcement officer to at least be mentally stable? I know that their fight against the Ghoul is a desperate one, but I would be seriously worried knowing this guy is among their task force.

Tokyo Ghoul √a drunk akira

Now let me quickly go through everything else that mattered to me this episode: I am actually surprise to see family photo in Akira Mado’s house that display Kureo Mado with a smile next to his daughter. You would have never expected the guy to be such a good father after looking at him for an instant. Neither would you have expected for the strict and disciplined Akira to drink till she dropped and then to have a fat snob cat in her house. It really wasn’t a surprise to see Amon blaming himself for Mado’s death still, but it did surprise me that Akira thought the same of him. That girl is much weaker than she first appeared, for someone who acts so obsessed with work, she sure has a lot of meaningless things on her mind.

Tokyo Ghoul √a family picture

Meanwhile, Kaneki seems to be having more than just internal struggles at this point. The poor child seems unable to control his emotions or his body. He also happens to be in a rather unique situation, people claim he is a cannibal but, in reality at this point he is a cannibal no matter what he decides to do. Being half human and half ghoul, that he eats human flesh or ghoul, he remains a cannibal. This episode was really satisfying and I hope to see more like this one in the future.

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