Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 5: Kaneki Out of Control

Tokyo Ghoul √A kaneki is mad

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Welcome to another action-packed episode of Tokyo Ghoul, this was the conclusion of the assault on the prison and while it was pretty cool I had some issues with it. I can’t say I enjoyed this episode as much as I should have.

Before going to the negative point though I want to say I really loved the relationship between Taneki and Amon this episode. The two of them are struggling a lot internally and while they are enemies and fighting, I somehow feel that the two of them want to understand each other much more than they want to kill one another, fighting just happens to be the easiest way for the two of them to communicate considering their position. It was especially exciting since Taneki had his mind filled with rage and we could see him show power beyond anything we’ve seen before. Always fun to see power incarnated into someone has peaceful as he is, he seems constantly struggling inside himself, it adds a lot of depth to his character.

That girl is becoming more of a blur by the second

That girl is becoming more of a blur by the second

Another thing I liked of the episode was the little background story given to the Twins and Juzo. It was rather annoying last episode to have all those characters face one another without being given any kind of background information to relate to them. Seeing how the twins and Juzo knew each other, how they relate to Amon, it gave a lot more meaning to their fighting than it would have otherwise. Fighting scenes can be use for story progression and character development when done right, Tokyo Ghoul only do it halfway right though I find. They have the general concept down, but I feel not enough time is given for the characters to properly express their emotions or it is just too subtle to really stand out in any way.

Tokyo Ghoul √A communicating through combat

So this leads us to everything I disliked about this episode.  There are still just too many characters that have no depth or story behind them. What rubbed me the wrong way most this episode was the tense reunion between a Dove who I can’t recall and a Ghoul we barely ever saw.  I wouldn’t be able to name any of these two characters name and even if I were, I’m not anywhere closer to clearly understanding what is the beef between them. This is the second time we are just thrown in a situation where we know nothing and yet we are supposed to care about the battle going on in front of us. It is just very boring to have those confrontation where instead of focusing on the action and the battle we have to figure out who the characters are and what they are fighting for.

Tokyo Ghoul √A who are you again

Let’s leave with a few quick notes, I was quite surprised to see the Owl show up at the end, I understand Yoshimura has special interest in Kaneki and wants to save him, but I have trouble understanding why he would put himself into such trouble to do so. Why is he so involved with the kid? Furthermore, we saw Kaneki furiously eating the armour of Inspector Shinohara, but there was really no indication if Shinohara himself was fine or if Kaneki actually killed him. I somehow doubt he is dead because of the way things were shown, but there is no guarantee. The show seems to imply Kaneki is a cannibal more than anything else, we never saw him eat a human, but he sure thirst for ghoul’s flesh and blood.

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