Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 7: Inner Demons Keeping You From the One You Love

Tokyo Ghoul √a struggle

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Everyone is wondering the same thing this episode…Why did you have to take this path Kaneki? Why are we watching Tokyo Ghoul √a instead of Tokyo Ghoul √normal. Kaneki claims it is because he wants to be stronger, that he wants to protect everyone and not see anyone else he cares about get hurt. In truth, this is just excuses he is making for himself. Yes he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt, but I think he is simply struggling at finding a way to achieve that more than anything else. Kaneki is a lost little lamb in this world, he is looking for a way to be happy, he is trying to find who he is and how to come to term with it.

Tokyo Ghoul √a looking back

Kaneki’s desire never changed, he always wanted peace, always just wanted to be accepted and live peacefully around people he likes. He tried to blend in, he tried to always please everyone and he did what ever he could not to disturb the peace and to silently do what he was told. Unfortunately life has a way to push people around and Kaneki was no longer able to be pushed around like that, he wasn’t able to keep quiet about the world around him and after the event with Jason, he broke down. His shell was destroyed, he now decided to no longer be a passive piece in the game of life, he wouldn’t let himself be pushed around and see everything he cares about being destroyed. Kaneki decided to fight back. This is why Kaneki is now with Aogiri, he wants to become stronger, he wants to be strong enough for life pushes to be no longer able to affect him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to realize that his method are very shortsighted and won’t bring him any peace of mind in the long run.

Tokyo Ghoul √a touching reunion

By grasping to power, Kaneki is alienating himself from everyone he loves and cares about. Rejecting the loves of others by isolating himself under the excuse of getting stronger. What I feel is really happening here, is that Kaneki is unable to accept who he really is, he is incapable of living with himself and find himself dangerous. Running away to Aogiri gives him a place to get stronger, but also to learn who he is and how to behave himself. The guy eats Ghoul a lot now and he doesn’t seem to be in full control of that behaviour, it could be rather problematic for all the ghoul he loves. So instead of seeking help from people he trusts, he instead decides to run away from them to protect them. Some would say it is honourable, other would claim it be selfish and foolish. You be the judge.

Tokyo Ghoul √a Le Gourmet is weird

Kaneki aside, another interesting turn of event this episode was the Doves visit to the Coffee shop. Those two guys entered the Café not that long after Kaneki left, things could have been very messy very quickly. It was both awesome and awkward to have the Owl and Shinohara face to face like this. The two of them have such a long history of confrontation and fighting…seeing the both of them having a pleasant conversation in casual attire was sure something interesting to witness. I’m sure Shinohara had a pretty good feeling this place was a Ghoul Den, he might even know that he recalls the Manager from somewhere while being unable to put his finger on it. I’m very much interesting in seeing how their next visit to the café will go.

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