Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 8: An Impossible Wish for Peace

Tokyo Ghoul √a the owl last look outside his shop

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This episode was mostly about Yoshimura, from his past to his current struggles. It was very enlightening to finally have a look at the past of the brain behind Anteiku. Let just say that the manager was a rather discreet man. It is rare and a golden occasion for us to finally have a tour of what happened in his past for him to become who he is now. The mysterious Yoshimura suddenly opened up enough that we can peer into his psyche and understand exactly just what his motives were from the beginning and while he loves Kaneki so much.

Tokyo Ghoul √a talking stuff out

It really doesn’t come to much surprise to think Yoshimura used to be a lonely killer used by some organization for his skills. With the way he currently acts, he already plays the part of a war veteran well enough. What I found more difficult to foresee was his love interest which got him to open up and become more human. I guess some change was to occur with him at some point to see a sudden change from a killer to a pacifist, but it is always a bit weird to imagine a ghoul and a human living together. Of course we had other example of this occurring in the past, but in his old age, Yoshimura doesn’t look like such a tragic figure. This sad relationship do explain Yoshimura’s interest in a coffee shop and also why he cares so much for Kaneki. Kaneki looks so much like Yoshimura’s son, especially now, no one can blame Yoshimura for treating Kaneki like his second son and wanting to protect him and nourish him to atone for the lack of care he was able to provide for his own son.

Tokyo Ghoul √a super powerful one-eyed ghoul

At the end of the episode, you could see Yoshimura’s dream of creating a place where human and ghouls could interact and live peacefully together slowly comes to an end as the ghoul task force are circling his prized coffee shop. I am afraid that war has come to his safe haven, not so easy for everyone to forget the past, even when people have changed. The Owl has a name made for himself and with his recent action in saving Kaneki and showing himself twice in human/ghoul wars, he has become a prime target. I would assume that keeping the same pattern for this season, we will now have 2 episodes of battles and fighting at Anteiku.

Tokyo Ghoul √a Killer

There is still one thing that left me perplex this episode. Yoshimura tells his entire story, we finally have the reveal that he is not the one-eyed owl and he instead claims that his son is. That being said, it is obvious both from his story flashback and from previous event that the owl we saw was the manager and not his son. While it is clear that Yoshimura’s son is the strong one-eyed ghoul everyone is talking about, is he really the owl? There is some information missing here, but it could be a couple of things. Is it that both Yoshimura and his son have similar for when fighting and are both referred to as “The Owl”, the two of them sharing the same identity when it comes to the authorities, or is Yoshimura the only owl and his son is simply a strong one-eyed ghoul and people mistake the manager to be him? I don’t think there were enough clues so far to correctly pinpoint the truth here, so I’m hoping we learn a bit more about this prophesied one-eyed ghoul in the future. Need-to-solve-all-mystery!

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