Tokyo Ghoul √a episode 9: Testament to the Incoming Battle

Tokyo Ghoul √a massacre

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Here it is, everyone has been waiting for it, it will be cruel, it will be fatal, it is the final confrontation for this season of Tokyo Ghoul. Everyone you have learned to love, every character you were so fond of, I expect you’ll have to tell them goodbye pretty soon. Tokyo Ghoul managed to do the impossible and created so many cool characters on both sides of the conflict that it seems like no matter which side wins, we will be the one losing. I somehow doubt everyone we care for can make it out alive of this one, the CCG have put a lot of resources into this, they are going all-in and the Owl doesn’t look ready to just lie down and die. I am surprised at how well the episode was able to convey the feelings of everyone in such a short amount of time. Between the CCG grunts, to the older folks who hold a grudge, to the Owl, Kaneki and everyone ever involve at Anteiku. No one is happy about this, but it doesn’t mean either side is willing to back down.

Tokyo Ghoul √a devil ape and black dog

The beginning of the episode was the most shocking and rough for me. It was well done, seeing everyone write their will, all those men and women who are aware that they will be riding the thin line between life and death in their future operation. It was interesting to see how everyone coped with the sigh of death, some of them didn’t seem to care, other were terrified, but most everyone were looking gloom at their low chance of survival in the near future. There is something very poignant when looking at such demotivated faces, they look dead before they even got their blood spilled.

Tokyo Ghoul √a last willsAfter all at the end of the episode, things are certainly starting to kick off, I’m actually surprised at how much talking and emotional development were in this episode, I was already expecting for it to be mostly action and now I instead find out we have so much character development instead. This is it, this is our finale about to begin. The real battle has not even started and we already have at least 20 members of the CCG that turned into a mass of flesh in a corner of the road, there sure are going to be a lot of casualties on either side of this one. So far we always saw the Owl has a super powerful Ghoul, but he was also very pacific in his way of doing things. This time around he’s not trying to be as kind it seems, I would even say this is much more brutal than I expected this show to feature considering its past experience with censorship. This final confrontation will be brutal no matter what happens.

Tokyo Ghoul √a coming in

Taneki will make his appearance next episode and things will go to hell from there. I doubt he is even close to the power level of the manager, but he still would make quite the mess out of this neighbourhood. There really isn’t much left to learn here, now just sit back and enjoy the finale, blood, gore and death should all be present, that I am sure of.

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