Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 [First Impression]: A Monster among Monsters

Tokyo Ghoul half man half monster

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Well, that was interesting for sure. I have a love hate relationship lately with gore-horror anime, mostly because most of the recent one have turned out to be disappointment in the long run. This first episode of Tokyo Ghoul was definitively solid, the emphasis was really put into the characters and their development and I believe that could lead to a much better story than if things go towards a more shounen and action route.

Tokyo Ghoul tentacle love

The tone of the show was a bit weird and uncertain by moment, I sometimes felt that the show tried to go toward a more action-oriented setting, but it always came back to the characters in the end. I really want to see our main protagonist evolve in this new world, I want to see him break his moral and ethical standing to face his new reality. I really love his despair when he realized what he had become, I love the fact that the guy isn’t actually completely one thing or another, he is an in-between. The guy is a monster among monsters, something which shouldn’t be and which he never wanted to be in the first place. He was just a poor little boy who was delusional and got caught in an unfortunate trap. The guy should have died there, but now instead he is some kind of mutant, someone who will probably be hated by both sides and won’t be able to fit in with anyone anymore.

Tokyo Ghoul eating up

I must say I am quite excited about Tokyo Ghoul, even taking the story and universe aside, the show looks good and it has great atmosphere. So long as it keep its aim to a more mature audience and try to stay in the gory and serious side of things, I think this anime will do very well. The deciding factor for the show will definitively be the direction it takes later on once the story is established. Going too fight oriented could seriously kill it and change its focus too much. Fight like we saw today, something more grim, short and decisive, would be the way to go. If this turns into a show of fight after fight of stronger and stronger enemies I will quickly lose interest.

Tokyo Ghoul lovely evening

We do not yet have information on how long this show will run for, but I am looking forward to covering it this summer. I will take a leap of faith and see where this one goes, if it will continue in the right direction or fall astray like many before it. I think that simply from a character perspective Tokyo Ghoul already has a strong start with deep characters that express themselves in great way and a universe which seems rich and should prove extremely interesting to explore. Tune in next week for episode 2!

ZeroGhj signing off.

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