Tokyo Ghoul episode 11: Epic Final Battles Begin

Tokyo Ghoul Amon new power

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Welcome to the penultimate episode of Tokyo Ghoul, where shit is going down more than you would have ever expected. Between all the fight of the S-rated Ghoul and the top of the line CCG forces, there is action everywhere and it just seems like an overdose of badass stuff happening. I must admit that at this point I certainly wouldn’t have minded for the content to be spread out a bit more to contain this many event in something a bit less mind-blowing. I feel there is so much going on at once that it is very difficult to grasp everything at the same time. So let’s tackle the subject one at a time, shall we?

Tokyo Ghoul One-Eyed Owl

First thing and most important question I have right now is…Who is the one-eyed owl? I know that we’ve had a lot of lore already about that character, how he is supposed to be one of the strongest out there, someone who is undefeatable and everything. But who is he as a person? With the way things were laid out, I am suspicious that we might very well know who that One-Eyed Owl is. The only information we have about the character is that he only has one eye of a ghoul and he is the strongest ghoul out there. It is also hinted that he is illusive and doesn’t appear often. I might have missed something in the past contradicting my future argument, but here is what I’ve got. There is one character we’ve seen for a very long time who might very well have only a single eye of a ghoul. There is that one character we never got to see more than a single eye opened…and that was Yoshimura, the manager. He looks old but yet as the confidence of a bad ass, everyone respect him somehow and he took another one-eyed kid, Kaneki, under his wing. It just seems like there were a lot of subtle hint this episode that Yoshimura was in fact the One-Eyed Owl. I am really curious to see what will happen with that theory of mine in next week episode.

Tokyo Ghoul crazy maniac

Other than the One-Eyed Owl, we had a lot of characters that we’ve heard about for a while and finally got their debut this episode. From the S-rated fighters of the rebel ghouls to the super star of the CCG, a lot of powerful people were battling it out. Those who struck me most were definitively the crazy Suzuya and the better-than-expected leader of the CCG’s forces. It was already pretty well established that Suzuya was some kind of psycho who was in it only to kill stuff. The guy always acted like a psychopath and you could see the lack of soul in his eye. So while it didn’t come to much surprise to see him jump from a motorcycle into the enemy nest, it was definitively a great introduction to the power level of the character. The leader of the CCG’s force always left a bad impression on me before. The guy was impulsive, seemed to have a short temper and he looked like the kind of guy who makes rash decision he will immediately forget. Yet he was able to redeem himself a lot in this episode. He proved his strength when he killed the two snipers and it was impressive enough to have me respect the guy. It was even more interesting to see his reaction to the appearance of the One-Eyed Owl, since for the first time he seemed willing to admit defeat.

Tokyo Ghoul Jason

The last thing I really want to put special emphasis on is how awesome the background story for Jason is. Jason was already an interesting character, but it just made me so much more excited for the show to know that they actually bothered to give the guy an interesting reason as to how he became the way he did. It is interesting to see that Jason is only the product of the poor treatment human have given to him. Jason is the embodiement of the circle of hate that goes on between humans and ghouls.

There are a lot of other smaller topic that were interesting this episode, from the siblings about to fight one another, or the new found strength of Amon or even how useless Nishiki is even as a human shield, but in the end there was simply too much point to talk about and I focused on the most interesting one I found. I am already hyped for the finale of the show, I feel like they just cannot go wrong at this point, there is already too much epic going on to avoid something awesome to conclude this excellent anime.

ZeroGhj signing off

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