Tokyo Ghoul episode 10: Coming Back from the Dead

Tokyo Ghoul Gourmet is back

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Alright, I must say I am getting a bit annoyed at how many people are supposed to die in this show only to come back later. First there was Nishio, now the Gourmet is back. It is really frustrating to see those big bad guys come back as allies and just as lively as they were. I can perfectly understand why enemies turn allies sometimes, especially in situations like the current war in Ward-11. It is simply logical to have strong people band together to fight a common threat despite their difference, after all, no matter how much you hate one another, you usually will hate or be scared of someone even more. So with that perspective, I have no problem with the new alliance made this episode of Tokyo Ghoul. The only real problem I have is the undying of characters.  Since most of the show turns around the death of important characters and the consequence of those death, it kind of ruins the experience to have everyone come back all the time, it cheapens everything.

Tokyo Ghoul Jason

Just remember a few episode ago, Touka was feeling like shit because she had just killed a man, the Gourmet. She was depressed because she was a killer and felt she couldn’t belong with anyone else anymore (I do know that she was also depressed for other factors, but this one was part of it). Now all this struggle and dilemma lose all its meaning since it turns out she never killed the Gourmet in the first place. I just don’t understand why we need those characters to come back. Next thing you know Rize and Mado will be back. I’m sure they won’t, but at this point, where will the bullshit end really? I could accept Nishio because it was the first time it happened, but now with the Gourmet too things are going beyond the line of what I find acceptable. The show better thread lightly on that rope in the future, because it could become a valid point of frustration for a lot of people.

Tokyo Ghoul Surprise visit

Enough talk about the return of The Gourmet, let’s go to a more positive topic. What about the way Kaneki gets beat up so often because of the way he smells? I really wish I was in the world of Tokyo Ghoul for this reason alone, Some many people smell so bad, I just wish I could start punching them in a completely acceptable social fashion. Jokes aside, Kaneki really has a bad time with the blood in his body. Not only is he a one-eyed ghoul, which is told to be a sign of supreme power, but he also have the smell and abilities of a ghoul which had a terrible reputation. The guy has no choice but to learn to defend himself and become stronger, because at this rate, either he starts being a killer, or he can start digging his own grave. I’m excited to see how he will be able to get out of this mess, we are nearing the end of Tokyo Ghoul with only 2 more episodes left, so before it all ends I really want to see our main character kicking some ass and having a display of his power. I feel like now is the time to finally see the guy in action and make us all long for a second season.

Tokyo Ghoul getting into trouble

A lot of things happened this episode as it set off a new arc, the final one. I wasn’t able to discuss about anything, but since the next few episode will probably be much more action heavy, I’m sure I’ll have more than enough things to talk about.

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