Tokyo Ghoul episode 2: Tasty Friends

Tokyo Ghoul hungry

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We’ve had our introduction to the world of Tokyo Ghoul just last week and it is already time to delve deeper into the universe and follow Kaneki in his immersion into the dark and cruel world of ghouls. I must admit that while so far there are no characters which I find particularly interesting other than Kaneki, just having our main character being of interest is already something amazing for a horror anime in general. I’ve seen so many bad horror show that Tokyo Ghoul as it easy in my eyes because it doesn’t fail as badly as everything else I’ve watched before.

Tokyo Ghoul demon inside

One thing I particularly liked which I noticed this episode was how colourful and stylized the show was. During the battle between Kaneki and Nishiki the colour scheme kept on changing depending on the mental state of Kaneki, it was an interesting way to convey the emotions and psychological state of our characters. I must admit I was a bit annoyed the first time I saw it happening. I felt like the sudden change of colour was probably just a way to tune down the gore, which is one of the very reason why people watch this show in the first place. I still have a little fear inside me that maybe they actually did use this technique to avoid some of the more gory scene, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Tokyo Ghoul dying

Continuing in the art department, I really enjoyed the new opening, the song and the character presentation was very horror-ish and they managed to make it something beautiful and calm, two things which quite often don’t work together too well. I can’t say that this opening will win any awards, it’s style was really interesting and original, but the singing felt a bit off at time and the opening doesn’t have that many movement into it. Overall it remains an opening decent enough, albeit maybe a bit weaker than what the show wants to offer in general.

Tokyo Ghoul hurt badly

In term of the story, I feel there is really little to say so far. We are still too early in the development of the story to really have much talking point. The only interesting new thing that happened was the dilemma of Kaneki, if he would eat his buddy or not. It was something interesting, but I didn’t felt overly concerned about it because the show felt way too family friendly and happy-go-lucky to have the main character go down that path. I would have loved the show even more if such hard decision would play out so early in the story. As long as thing don’t turn out too much like a stupid battle shounen and that the psychological drama remains at the center of Tokyo Ghoul, I will keep watching it avidly.

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