Tokyo Ghoul episode 4: Bad Direction

Tokyo Ghoul both eyes working now

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Woah woah woah, wait a minute here. There are a lot of things which don’t make much sense in this episode. First of all, how did Taneki suddenly manage to control one of his eye when he was sent into that ring? He drank blood in the past, he has fed on flesh, nothing made his eye go away, he never had any control over it. There was no explanation or no reason here what so ever as to why he suddenly managed to have his two eyes be human-like all of a sudden. Is it simply implied that it was the drunk without further claim about it? It feels so out of place that suddenly he can show both eyes just for the sake of plot, I just cannot even begin to understand where the logic lies.

Tokyo Ghoul One Eye

There are just so many things in the pacing of this episode which felt so very weird and out of place. From the moment Taneki walks over to the Gourmet’s place everything goes a wire. They change location very quickly with little explanation, Taneki gets changed, takes a shower, suddenly there are butlers around and he can have both eyes as a human. I feel like there is a good 10 minutes of the story missing there or something, the transition was just weird and made me disconnect from the show completely.

Tokyo Ghoul taking it strong

Furthermore, for a man of high-class, how does the gourmet not already know about Taneki’s and him being a one-eyed ghoul? The guy met him, saw the eye patch, made him take a shower and pamper him up. The guy has connection to just about everyone in high ghoul society and Taneki definitively don’t seem to be the most well hid secret considering a random barkeeper already heard rumor about him. It feels really odd that someone has the gourmet didn’t do any research on his next meal. He knew he was a bookworm, knew he had a relationship of some kind with Rize and knew he was a ghoul.  He knew where he worked, his full name and everything he needed to lure him in. How the hell did he not know the most obvious fact about the guy then?

Tokyo Ghoul pervert

While this is all rather frustrating, what really makes it worse is the way the show is directed, how I felt like I was jumping around without direction while watching this episode. I felt I was getting introduced to villains just for the sake of seeing fights happening and not for any kind of actual progression with the story or the characters. It was just an incredibly frustrating experience and I feel the story should make a lot more sense than this anime episode made it look like. I can understand the very dense main character and deal with him being a complete gullible idiot, but everything else around him and the way this episode was presented was just stupid at best. I hope they fix their shit in the next episode or watching Tokyo Ghoul will get really annoying.

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