Tokyo Ghoul episode 5: Censorship

Tokyo Ghoul censorship

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As always, let me start by saying the major complaint I had with this episode. This time around I only had one, but it is one which bothers me quite a bit. Tokyo Ghoul is a horror show, but mostly so simply because of the amount of gore in the show. It seems that the blood and the gore are pretty much the trademarks of Tokyo Ghoul, having ghouls as main subject just bring about those gory elements after all. With a show being all about gore, it would make sense to make it sensational and put the focus on it, to show it as much as possible. So why in the hell was the gore censored when Tsukiyama drilled through Kaneki stomach. The gore really shouldn’t have been anything intense, just a bit of blood and the intestine of Taneki partially in Tsukiyama’s hand. I felt insulting to have a black bar over the gore, to have someone decide that my eyes were too sensible to see a little bit of gore in a show that is all about gore in the first place. The show is already rated R, why can’t they afford to show us what we came to see in the first place? I seriously hope it is not something which will be recurring in the future, because it will get really upsetting otherwise.

Tokyo Ghoul great meal

Despite my rant, I actually really enjoyed the episode in general. If there was one thing I was not hoping or expecting out of Tokyo Ghoul, it is definitively to have a weirdly romantic moment. Somehow Nishio, the super asshole, who I still wished simply died, turns out to be an okay guy who lives with a cute suicidal human girl. I can definitively understand the feeling of being really hungry and having something you would usually eat next to you and refusing to eat it. I am really hungry sometimes and I still refuses to eat some chocolate I received a while ago, it is wrapped in aluminum foil in the shape of a race car and always found it really cool. Might have been 10 years that it is sitting on a shelf, but I’m sure it is still eatable ! Back on track, Nishio now acts like a cool guy and it is rather annoying. As much as I liked the story between him and his little women, it bothers me that Nishio was the one involved there. I would have much rather seen Nishio just die and have another new character took the main role in that new story. I still wish Nishio will die in this encounter, but I somehow find it highly unlikely.

Tokyo Ghoul new couple

Still, I think there is some hope with Tokyo Ghoul, despite the show having needless censorship and having the story feel a bit rushed, things are going at an okay pace and the fight and drama is starting to pick up enough to make things interesting. Despite my ranting, I still like this show, one of the good show of the season, albeit just not the best.

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