Tokyo Ghoul episode 6: Losing Everything

Tokyo Ghoul losing everything

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Well now, things suddenly turned quite abruptly. After the event of next episode I already found a new liking for the show because of the power it brought to the relationships of its characters, but this episode we really got to see dramatic event much more than ever before. I am so divided on Tokyo Ghoul right now, on one hand the dramatic elements are really well done and captivating and on the other the censorship during the episode just ruins all the action scenes. I just don’t know what to say about the show anymore.

Tokyo Ghoul Toura beautiful

 First the good stuff, last episode we had that whole ordeal with a ghoul and a women loving each other and living life despite their differences. It was brilliantly explained and well conveyed considering I felt emotionally invested in that connection despite the fact that I highly dislike the guy in the couple AND we learned about that connection in the very same episode it was nearly shattered. It really isn’t easy to build up content and destroy it in the same episode and somehow have the viewers interested in it. Usually when I see some relationships or characters appear and die in the same episode I just don’t give a fuck since I never had time to grow fond of them. Because of the grim atmosphere of Tokyo Ghoul (which they do really well) it was easier to feel the intensity and emotional implication of the relationship. That part of the show is really a success because they manage to do it again just the next episode. They really seem to know how to approach things to make them more dramatic, the mix of the music, the art style and the melancholy of the characters makes everything more painful, in a good way, to watch.

I don’t know if it was simply because there was more of a build-up, or if it was simply executed really well, but this episode dramatic event really touched me. I felt so distressed just seeing the mother and daughter talking about the little girl’s father while he was being killed. I was imagining what it would be like for the mother, to learn that her husband is now dead, knowing that they are now in danger and having to explain to her daughter that she will never again see her father. Such a painful childhood I thought. Then the show made those thoughts much easier, the mother never had the occasion to explain anything and she never will, she just kept on lying until the very end and she is leaving the task of telling everything to someone else. She was such a selfish mother, leaving all the trouble of teaching the harsh reality of life to a stranger. Now her daughter is crying face first on the pavement, all alone. It was great, it was cruel, it was brutal, it is everything I could have hoped for.

Tokyo Ghoul ending a family

On the other hand, this show is about ghoul. This show is about superhuman monsters fighting and ripping themselves apart before eating the remains. Half of Tokyo Ghoul is about fighting, it is about death and cannibalism. So why on earth is everything censored? Why is it that for about one tenth of this episode I couldn’t see anything on my screen because there was a huge censor light blocking everything. I understand those will be removed on the DVD version, I understand Japan is really picky on censorship, but it remains that when the concept of your show is gore, it is simply outrageous to remove that part. It is even worse because we can’t even see anything else in the screen either, it is not like the scene was omitted, they show it to us and simply block our view of everything!

I think overall the show will be gorgeous and awesome on DVD, but so far watching it as it airs is highly insulting and frustrating. It is even more frustrating because the show is actually really good so far. Just show it in its integrity if you are going to show it at all !

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