Tokyo Ghoul episode 7: Mask Revealed!

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Things sure are heating up quickly in Tokyo Ghoul, the peaceful life of the twentieth ward is all over. Things were already not so happy-lovey with the Dovse just investigating, now that one of them was killed, it will be a living hell in the ward. We’ve already seen how brutal the Doves were when they were casually investigating for Jason, now that they are actively trying to find the one who killed one of their officer, you can be sure there will be no quiet night of sleep happening there anymore.

Tokyo Ghoul bunny killer

Touka is such a fool. It is one thing to feel the need for vengeance, one thing to be ready for the consequence of your action for being a killer, but it is something else entirely when you drag along everyone around you with that decision. That girl branded everyone has a high target for the Doves. Now a whole lot of them will track them down until most of them are dead, there is no escape anymore. This just feel even worse because she had been warned right before too NOT to provoke them. You can die alone girl if it is your thing, but don’t drag others into your death wish.

Tokyo Ghoul foolish pride

It is even more cruel because the Doves were about to leave the Ward alone at this point too. Everything was settled and while it definitively sucked that Hinami lost her mother in front of her, it still doesn’t suck as much as having everyone die.

One thing which was done much differently this episode than previously was the additional dimension given to the universe, we now are able to follow the Doves in their work. Until now, Tokyo Ghoul had been rather one sided and let us see only the side of the Ghoul, which don’t get me wrong is very interesting. Yet every anime is so much more interesting when you get to have both sides of the story. It was nice to see the other side of the fence. Alright yes, Mado is insane and while he might be cool he is unrelatable, but it is difficult not to feel for Amon and how he reacts to the death of his partner and past friends. I was seriously pleased with the way the show tries to expand the universe in different directions. Suddenly someone could start discovering the other side of the coin and find that their values do not exactly align with the main character and they understand Amon much better, it makes things interesting !

Tokyo Ghoul loser guy dead

The last thing I want to mention is how absolutely awesome the design of Kaneki’s mask is. I really didn’t have much expectation for the mask, I mean Touka was running around with a bunny mask and everyone we saw never really had anything that special. I was positively shocked when they reveal it on Kaneki’s face. I am really looking forward on how Kaneki will start helping out the situation, while I was rather skeptical of the show at first, It has definitively been able to prove itself multiple time lately and I’m hyped to see where it goes next.

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