Tokyo Ghoul episode 8: Mortal Struggle

Tokyo Ghoul thirst for blood

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One action packed episode after the other, Tokyo Ghoul certainly didn’t take the slow path to develop its story. I feel like both in term of action and character development this episode was rather rich and exciting. After the story with the Doves last episode and the importance that was granted on Mado and Amon I was certainly not expecting such drastic turn of event. What this all end up proving to me is that no one is safe in Tokyo Ghoul. Anyone could die at any point, except maybe Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul Mado

So…Mado died? I was under the impression that the guy was so experienced, cruel and important that he wouldn’t die until the end of the season at the very least, but now you see me pleasantly surprised. He wasn’t really the kind of character I liked since he was already way gone and a mad man. He was difficult to understand and relate to, he was a fanatic. The guy was important in pushing the story forward and creating a greater divide between humans and ghouls, but at the end of the day, he didn’t feel human. While I am extremely surprised that Mado died this episode, it actually makes me like Tokyo Ghoul even more, not just because someone died, but because they are slowly shifting the focus of the show towards more “reasonable and relatable” characters. It is easy to have a big strong guy be mean for the purpose of a story, but it is much more interesting when characters have some drive to motivate them in their actions. With the death of Mado, Amon suddenly had a lot of character development and will probably become pivotal in the coming struggle between humans and ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul Amon

Despite the fact that I love character development, I must admit there was just a bit too much cheesy conversation this episode. I had no problem with the “conversation” between Amon and Kaneki,  I found that both character were acting how they should be and that it made sense and made good development, but I wasn’t really into the whole “Touka opens up her feeling to Mado”. I understand that Touka is dealing with many difficult emotions and memories, I understand she is rather broken lately, but while fighting Mado is probably the worse time to say anything about the way she feels other than in simple frustration. Insulting him was fine, but the guy was obviously a psychopath, and opening yourself up emotionally when you have a giant spine in your stomach probably isn’t the most appropriate of situation. I feel she could have said those things in a different setting instead, because right now it felt rather awkward and cheesy.

Tokyo Ghoul pinned down

This confrontation was a huge turn of event mostly for Taneki. The guy finally understood his purpose in this world, he finally learned who he was and what he wanted to do. He will now want to get stronger to communicate the feelings of both universe, the human and ghoul world. He wants to become the mediator who brings harmony to the world. For that though, he will probably have to deal with a lot of trash, both humans and Ghouls. It ought to be interesting if we get to see that far before the season ends.

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