Tokyo Ghoul episode 9:Calm before the Storm

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A lot of time has passed since the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul. An Arc was completed and over a month of peace went by. The 20th ward is once again peaceful, Amon has settled down and is now considered an experienced investigator in the 20th ward.  But things cannot stay like this forever, otherwise there would be no story to watch. Hence why we fast forwarded straight into more conflict.

Tokyo Ghoul siblings reunion

It amazes me how the information circulate in the world of Tokyo Ghoul, or rather, the lack of circulation of information. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone use a cellphone or a computer in the show yet, so no wonder that information and knowledge seems to stay so cryptic. Rize has been dead for ages at this point. The girl was powerful, but she stopped giving sign of life for so long it would be normal to assume she is dead at this point. Everyone in ward 20 seems to think she is still alive and now both Jason and Touka’s brother are trying to recruit her into their war.

Tokyo Ghoul Amon

Speaking of that war, I am not sure I understand the logic behind such a thing. I understand that Ghouls are strong, but they seem severely outnumbered compared to human population. If they try to rebel against the authority of the Doves it only means that more powerful human organization will go after them. I don’t know everything about the universe of Tokyo Ghoul, but I think it is pretty likely that countries still have military and stuff. I see that the Quinque are strong weapons, but if Rize died crushed under metal bars I’m pretty sure that a bomb or just a tank is enough to kill a Ghoul. This just goes to say, what is the point of fighting the humans here? If they piss off the Doves too much they will just get crushed by greater forces. I’m just trying to understand what the plan is there for the 11th Ward.

Tokyo Ghoul killer grandma

While I am rather skeptical of their future, on the short term I would definitively put my money on the 11th Ward for the war against them and Ward 20. Touka might be strong, but I’m not sure she would win if she was to fight against her own brother. Beside her, there really aren’t that many people in Ward 20 that seem capable and willing to fight a war. For one, since they are pacifist, Kaneki and Renji probably have the strength to fight in that war, but Kaneki definitively doesn’t have the mental strength for it. I wonder how Ward 20 will do to survive that thing, it will be interesting to see if Kaneki finally get to start manning up.

This will probably mark the last arc of this Tokyo Ghoul season. As far as I’m aware the show has blazed through the manga, so it is unlikely we will get more any time soon, but I really enjoyed the show so far despite the needless censoring. I’m really looking forward to this final arc and see just how fucked up things will get. I wish for lot of death and suffering in the future, that’s the kind of story I like.

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