Tokyo Ghouls episode 3: Suicide Watch Feast Crew

Tokyo Ghouls end of one life into another

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Alright, there was one thing I was really confused and interested to hear about in the universe of Tokyo Ghouls and it was the political status the ghouls had in this world. We still don’t have any official information on that, it feels rather obvious that ghouls are hated by human because they are killing them. it also seems obvious that they would be considered about on the same level as vampire in other fantasy universe, a pest that destroys civilization and is a threat to humanity. Yet for some reason Ghouls have shelters, they live in human society and there might even be some kind of programs which help them in their day to day lives. After all, Kaneki was able to harvest the body of a suicide victim and it nearly seemed like something they would fill paperwork for afterward the way it was handled.

Tokyo Ghouls doves

There appears to be an organization in Tokyo who wants to drive every Ghoul out of the city. The way they talk about it though sound like a group of rat exterminator or Hobo haters. They clearly know where the ghouls hang out and organize themselves and they talk about those shelters as some kind of terrorist organization preparing for war. If they allow for shelters to exist but want them gone, how does that work exactly? Is the organization not part of government? Or is the government just trying to take out the trash now for some odd reason? I feel there is still a lot of information missing there, why did they not wipe out the Ghouls already? What do they bring to society? What kind of rights and law are applied to Ghouls? Are they even consider human-like or simply treated as monsters? So many important questions that would really help us understand the show. Yet we do not really know what part the Ghoul plays in their society and it bothers me.

Tokyo Ghouls kill the ghouls

Now, the function of the Ghouls in society aside, I must say that I really appreciate the way that the people who commit suicide are used in such an efficient and productive way in Tokyo Ghouls. People who were given a life they never wanted to life and gave up on it can now family be useful to society. Every people who kills himself is one less murder in the street of Tokyo. It seems like a very interesting philosophy than having the Ghouls feast on people who decided to give up on their life, it makes it so less people who actually want to live have to die, no one is ever forced to live in this world, but a lot of people are forced to die. It makes for a brilliant interaction to have the selfish cowards who kill themselves turn into food for others. I really wish we could incorporate some kind of similar system in real life where suicides are turned useful to society in some way, but I don’t suppose I know anyone interested in eating rotten flesh.

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