Tokyo Ravens episode 1 [First Impression]: A special romance?

Tokyo Ravens girl and stuff

Tokyo Ravens doesn’t look like such a bad show at first glance, yet I just can’t seem to get into it. There is a good background, the characters doesn’t appear to be as dumb as they sound and there is both romance and school life involved in the story, everything to please to both guys and girls. The show really seems to be more aimed at girls than guys after all.

Tokyo Ravens stolen first kiss

The main character might not be the usual romance-guy-protagonist, but the show obviously is a romance through and through if you see past the supernatural element. Actually I’m sure it could be a nice spinoff to the romance lover to see a real romantic show which doesn’t involve high schooler in a regular universe. Now I am no specialist in romance, it is simply not my thing, but I think this show could give a potentially fresh outlook to the genre for those interested in this type of story. It seems eventful and the universe looks interesting enough to make the story interesting for people looking for more than just romance, but I’d still say that this falls pretty much into a good shoujo more than anything else. I personally don’t see the fun for guys in this as every thing is made to be more beautiful and pretty than awesome and cool. The difference might seems minimal when said this way, but it is really important.

Tokyo Ravens kawai desu

I won’t be blogging this show, nor will I be watching it. It just really doesn’t appeal to me in any way. I’d much rather go for more shounen genre than into this romancy stuff. I still think it is a great show for girls and I’d recommend it to a more mature and tomboy-ish audience which will probably appreciate it.

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