Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 1 [First impression]: he’s a drop out, a fighter, a wimp and… a brainiac?


*comes in running and panting* Romance, here I come~

First Impression

Yoshida Haru is a first-year drop out who hasn’t even shown up once in class after the first day of school, on that specific date where he beat up people well enough to leave permanent red marks on the wall for the rest of the year. In the end, this caused his suspension, which left him to be scared of school. He eventually goes back because of Mizutani, where he starts being the most annoying little kid on Earth. Man, is that guy a lot of trouble.

On the other hand, Mizutani Shizuku has the well-overused personality of a cold girl with no friends, very good marks and a life full of not caring about anything except her very good marks. The rest of her personality traits have not yet been uncovered, however right now it seems the only thing she cares about except her marks is Yoshida, only because that guy doesn’t leave her a choice.

Altogether, this episode was really surprising. Here I was expecting the beginning of a RomCom, and here I am with a hug, a confession, a kiss and an almost obvious response from the other party already. Was that really the first episode I just watched? So many things happened in 20 minutes that I feel like I just watched a whole series in one shot…

Anyways. Overall, the episode was great! The pacing was quick, but stuff happened, and things had a reason for them to happen. The fact that so many things happened in one episode may have made the storyline feel rushed, but considering Yoshida’s character, it’s impossible for it not to go that fast. Man, that guy is straight-up, simple-minded and absolutely hilarious. Just seeing him do his stupid shit would be enough to satisfy me for a good 3 episodes.The combination of all things that make up his personality seem really weird on a single person, but as an anime character, he’s definitely something else. I thought he was a tough guy at first, since he constantly beats up people, but in the end he’s just a nervous wimp who absolutely lacks common sense. Yet, he’s the smartest kid in his grade… Yoshida doesn’t make sense at all. He’s funny though, so it’s ‘kay.

Nice stray you just picked up there. Hope you can feed it.

As for our main character, Shizuku, it seems like she’s pretty generic so far, but I believe she has the potential to become hella awesome. I mean, so far she whacked a drink at a guy, played baseball in an arcade, threw a fit over annoyance and didn’t give two shits about dying bunnies. That… That’s someone promising we got there. I have hopes for this girl.

In the end, this is definitely not something I’ll be missing out on, as a big fan of Toradora, Lovely Complex and such other RomComs before this one. As a blogger with few time and even less time on Mondays, however, I’ll unfortunately have to skip out on taking care of this on 0-Gate, since it’s just physically impossible for me to stop time I wish it was.

Watching: Yes
Blogging: No
Recommended: If you like romance/comedy shows, definitely

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