Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun mid-season review

I lack time! I’m often late in my posts and school always kicks me in the butt when I want to catch up, and that’s the reason why I decided not to blog Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun weekly. However, due to its popularity and greatness, I thought I’d go back on my thoughts from the first impression I made 6 weeks ago.

This review will cover plot and characters as they were from episode 1 until episode 6. Anything that comes later will be covered in the final review, and this post is only a come back to what I first thought of the show 6 weeks ago.


Between what I expected and what the show has given me so far, I must say I wasn’t too disappointed. Just like I thought it would be, this show ended up being a carefree thing to watch every week and to forget about my own problems for 20 minutes. What made it stand out from every other romance so far was definitely the amount of humour and random plot twists we’d see between Haru and Shizuku.

As it goes, it seems like pacing is really the only flaw of the show: I still don’t know the reason why Haru and Shizuku haven’t been going out sinceShizuku’s confession. The “we don’t like each other in the same way” bullshit didn’t work for me at all. I don’t even know how Haru agreed to Mizutani suddenly saying that they didn’t like each other in the same way.

In the end, though, episode 6 fixed it up a bit, as Haru’s love for Mizutani “showed up again” it was always there just when Mizutani decided that studying was the best thing she could ever do to forget about her feelings, which were too much trouble. Now that‘s a better plot twist. Now with the new rival and the fallback on Mizutani’s part, there’s actually a good love triangle going on, and I can only hope that no other plot holes will ever show up in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. This is 12 episodes, after all, and so far they’re doing such a good job at increasing the pace that they might run out of ideas before they reach the end. I won’t lose hope, however, and I can only wish that the show will flourish to its maximum potential, making this an absolutely amazing romance.



It turns out that I was right about Shizuku: that girl has potential. Despite having a clichéd personality in the beginning, the development that was given to her was much more realistic than I have seen in many shows. What is so amazing about her is mostly the fact that this girl actually doesn’t mind being alone or not. Although she has somewhat of a social life now and doesn’t mind it, it’s not like she ever minded being lonely, either. She’s a very strong, independent girl, and her brutal honesty as well as her unwavering confidence just makes me absolutely love her. She’s hard to beat in terms of awesome.

If there was one bad thing I could say about Shizuku, it’s that I was really disappointed in the lack of development concerning the dying bunnies. Since that was the reason why she never made any friends and got used to being alone, I feel like she would possibly be at least a bit scarred when it came to this, however we haven’t heard of anything since the first episode, and I’m a bit disappointed in that. It is, however, only the halfway point, which gives me hope that it could possibly be developed later on.

Despite the fact that Shizuku is so awesome, it seems that she can still have a rival who puts up a good fight. Ooshima is probably one of the best rivals I have seen in any romance. Her personality is amazing, she has good character development, she’s funny and she adds a lot to the plot. However she turns out in the end, I hope that she won’t be cast aside for the rest of the show, since her personality would be completely wasted. Such a realistic way of showing a girl with no confidence is rare, and it’s even rarer to see such things in a rival. I would definitely pair her up with Haru if Mizutani wasn’t such an amazing main character.

As for Haru, he screws up all ideas of a romance. Man, this guy fucks up the pacing so much! I mean, while Mizutani is brutally honest, this guy’s bluntness is also hard to beat. There’s no going around the bush with him either, which, when you think about it, is very refreshing in a romance. Usually, things go on for ages before the truth comes out, but with him there’s absolutely no way that’ll happen. We can also see how much of a positive change Shizuku gives him, as he slowly gets used to school and stops running away from this problem.

Overall, the characters are great and definitely make up the show. They’re funny, they’re loveable, they’re good main characters and I can’t wait to know more of what happens to them.

Overall Mid-Season Impression

In the end, this show is so funny that even without a good plot I could probably watch this for a while. What makes it so much better, however, is that there is a plot, and most of all, there are amazing characters with amazing character developments. I can only hope that these realistic personalities will develop themselves even more, giving us an even better show than it already is.



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